Nationals List Discussion: Banes, Spells, Badass feats and……. Cankerworm?!?!?


Cant believe how fast the nationals has creeped up! Im a little nervous about how it will go… Vapnartak didn’t go too badly so why should nationals be any different?! Im also a little disappointed because I wanted to have more stuff painted up but life’s been busy so oh well!

Less of the polite waffle, lets get down to my two lists:

*Reaches for iBodger*

Iron Lich Asphyxious

Skarlock Thrall

2x Deathripper

10 Bane Knights
10 Bane Thralls
Bane Thrall Officer & Standard
Bane Lord Tartarus

Ok, so, this list is a little bit of a gimmick. Asphyxious is so far my favourite caster for Cryx, and although he isn’t super competitive, I’m one for using the underdog!

The Skarlock is in there for that all important free Scything Touch or Breath of Corruption which always comes in handy.

Cankerworm is a fast agile threat that can be used for taking out sneaky solos or putting a big dint in beats/jacks with his potentially POW 14 armour piercing attack, +2 for scything touch and +3 for a target that has been parasited.

Having the Deathjack gives the list a bit of a backbone really. He hits hard and can be really helpful with his 2 free focus (allocate him 1 and he gets to cast a breath of corruption)

The arc nodes are pretty self explanatory, Asphyxious loves to sling spells and these are his delivery system.

And finally you cant really go wrong with a bunch of banes, specially banes with tough.

The list as a whole is quite simple and easy to manage. It’s pretty quick and can take you out when you least expect it. The main target from the word go is your caster and that’s pretty much the idea of this list. I’ve had quite a bit of success with it recently and I’ve learnt a few nifty ways of getting that all important spell assassination.

Wraith Witch Deneghra

2x Defiler

6 Bane Knights
10 Bane Thralls
Bane Thrall Officer & Standard
Bane Lord Tartarus

Pistol Wraith
2x Warwitch siren

This list is a little more competitive and id say I’ve had more success with this list than the other one. Every time I look at it I worry that I haven’t got enough hard hitting toughies but every time I’m pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

To begin with,  we all know that she has amazing potential in scenarios with her movement stopping feat shenanigans although I’m not as convinced that she is all that ‘uber’ at pulling off the scenario win because for a start it relies on her going first. Even so, the feat is amazing and definitely needs to be taken advantage of.

I chose Defilers as my arc nodes for this list because Deneghras feat also lowers the enemies defence by 3 which means that the defilers are going to be killing a lot of infantry with their POW 12 sprays which is also caster killing territory.

The Deathjack and Slayer will hopefully deliver some mighty punches and wreck some face. The Deathjack again helps because he has a choice of Deneghras spells that he can cast.

The Pistol Wrath has been a bit of a hero in this list, crippling melee jacks and putting damage on an unsuspecting caster. He really helps add something to this list.

The Sirens look after my arc nodes, giving them focus to get into position so that Deneghra can keep most of her focus for spells and other allocation. Their magic ability 7 POW 10 corrosion causing spray is also pretty brutal

And the Banes are in there because they are awesome. I almost used satyxis in this list instead but I’m more used to using zeeee Banes.

So that’s my two lists. Id like to win at least two of my games because that would kinda equal my Vapnartak outing.

Laters, CriticalSam


6 Responses to “Nationals List Discussion: Banes, Spells, Badass feats and……. Cankerworm?!?!?”

  1. jasefox Says:

    Goooooooooooo Cankerworm!!!

  2. Wally Says:

    Your Deneghra list looks very good.

  3. Quixotic Says:

    Use the Force, Luke. Glad to see the Cankerworm getting some love.

  4. Procrastinator Says:

    glad to see you put the cank in sam.

    i think you will do fine mate aslong as your dice rolling keeps at its current level second to bottom wont be out of your reach 😉

  5. Adam Says:

    Watch out for Drakes… word on the street is that Canks doesn’t like Drakes… 😛

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