BTC – The End and why i failed…


So Sunday was the last day of the Barbed Thorn Challenge.

And the result? I failed unfortunately, I fell at the final hurdle. You see it came down to the final week and all I had left to paint was 3 longriders, easy peasy I just have to copy my Horthol paint scheme.

But no, it was too daunting. I sprayed one and got it half finished, but then I moved onto other things…

BUT!! Don’t despair!! It wasn’t completely fail, as you see the ‘other things’ I moved onto were the remaining models for my 50 point lists for the Nationals! so far I have painted the Axer, Skilldrak (eMadrak), and 5 Fennblades! Wow! I’ll have some pictures of those up tomorrow when I have better lighting and I’ve finished the basing.

So where to now? Well I’m hoping that by the end of this Thursday I can finish painting the other 5 Fennblades, the 3 longriders, 5 whelps, Chronicler and hopefully the Elder (if I can get a hold of one!) that way I will be able to, for the first time ever I might add, take a DECENTLY painted army to a tournament! I know it won’t win any awards, but it’ll be nice to just have a fully painted force.

“What’s the future of the trolls?” I hear you cry!

Well I’ll be honest, I’m going to keep them long enough to win a troll faction coin in the Hordes release event (hopefully) then they shall be going up for sale, as I need money to fund my next army (which, for the record, will be Magnus’ Agenda) any bids to take the army off my hands will be appreciated, and can be emailed to me urcaen(at)gmail(dot)com

It’s been fun, and all that’s left now is to name that Kriel!! suggestions below!



7 Responses to “BTC – The End and why i failed…”

  1. Adam Says:

    Good to see you’re set on heading to the dark side (Magnus) after the trolls.
    Might as well get Boomhowler, you’ve had the practice 😛

    Seriously though, excellent job on the Trolls mate, thats something to be proud of.

  2. Peter Buxton Says:

    I name it the Kriel of fail!

    Although you have got more Trolls than me painted and I started mine a good 2 years ago….

    At least we don’t have to start on Adam again about painting….

  3. Adam Says:

    The ATM Kriel! (that’s Axe To Month folks)

    • jasefox Says:

      I can see it now
      “how about you make a withdrawal at the ATM MACHINE!!!”

      • Adam Says:

        ATM Machine – “Care to make a withdrawal sir? It looks like you can make a heavy withdrawal of PAIN and MISERY today, but unfortunately you’re overdrawn on MERCY, so none of that from me today…”

      • Peter Buxton Says:

        I wonder how pissed off Mulg gets when he forgets his PIN….

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