Perpetration, Preparation, Preparation.


As you may or may not know, BarbedThorn is currently in Preparation mode for the UK Nationals.

The UK Nationals is in it’s 4th year and is at Games Expo in Birmingham on the 5th and 6th of June. It is sold out at full capacity of 64 players!!!!

PeteZ, CriticalSam and Jase will be representing at the Nationals this year, and I will be flying the flag for PP and doing my time in the brig with a share of judging. More on this nearer the time (I am considering doing a TO report of the event) before and after.

So in thinking about this I have found myself preparing more and more of the tournament in my head. What do I need to bring with me, what is essential to not forget, checking software, reading rules etc, and it’s caused me to start to think about the thought process that everyone must go through before they play a game.

To me it’s a checklist that I mentally check off in my head to make sure I have everything I need to play the game.

Now if you have played Warmachine or Hordes then you must know how much extra you have to cart along with you to be in a position to play. If anyone has seen my Gaming Bag, I tend to triple up on most items just in case I need to lend out or if somebody has forgotten an item.

Which leads me the essential ticklist of Warmachine or Hordes gaming! Yes, I think I have created the perfect list to give to anyone so that they too can be prepared for a game. So we have in no particular order:

  1. Figures. Won’t get far without these. Preferably fully painted (yes Adam, I am talking about you), but at the very least stuck together. Proxies are optional of course and picking up the correct army bag.
  2. Dice. Please remember these essential pieces of gaming kit. You will always need them, and people really don’t like you borrowing theirs (it effects the luck).
  3. Cards. Every figure comes with them, there are card decks out there for Mark II and at a push there are the PDFs. Take it from someone who has forgotten their cards a fair few times, they are really essential for the game.
  4. Dry Wipe Markers/Card Holders. I’ve seen a fair few types of way of dealing with this but my favourite is the good old 9 card plastic sleeve. Storage and record keeping all in one!
  5. Counters/Templates. Please please please please make some. It’s not hard to write a spell on a bit of square card and place it next to a figure when it casts the spell. Same with focus points and templates. Bit of cereal packet and a pair of scissors and you can come up with enough templates to make the High Reclaimer proud.

And lastly if you are attending the event please read, understand and bring along with you a copy of the rule pack. At the very least download Steamroller have a read of the scenarios and plan accordingly.

The last thing you want to do is create the all destroying army of doom only to be beaten in the first round of Capture the Flag because you misread the scenarios.

If there is anything you think I have missed off my checklist comment below.

Note I have left the more humorous entries out for my fellow Thornites to add….


11 Responses to “Perpetration, Preparation, Preparation.”

  1. Quixotic Says:

    A prepared army list is always a good thing to bring as well. Makes TOs groan a little less during registration.

  2. Dave Says:

    I think a tape measure of some type should definitely be on the list. Preferably not the stretchy cloth ones.

    • Peter Buxton Says:


      I knew I forgot something. I tend to carry about 4 or 5 tape measures, cheap ones from the market mainly. It’s the most lent out piece of kit.

  3. Owen Says:

    My tournament check list –

    Originally written for Warhammer, but modified for Warmachine/Hordes. Superglue is essential as something will inevitably get dropped or damaged in transport.


    • Peter Buxton Says:

      Nice list. There aren’t enough of this sort of stuff out there.

      Plenty on painting and on tatics, but no help on what you need to actually practically play a game!

  4. Adam Says:

    Even in a serious topic, I still get picked on…
    And about painting of all things! I’ve started painting things!!!

  5. jasefox Says:

    Nice one pete! I’m currently editing my preparation article…

  6. Phillip Says:

    All good advice Pete.

    But it won’t be the Nationals if someone doesn’t forget their cards!

    Another tradition in the Nationals has been for 2 – 3 players to throw away their dice after Round One and rush to buy another set of dice.

    • Peter Buxton Says:

      Yeah Phil, I am expecting for someone to forget the cards, especially with all the Hordes PDF.

      And I am considering starting a line of tournament disposable dice that you can swap out every round.

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