Winsford Pre-Masters Mash Up


Sunday 23rd of May.  I woke early. It was hot. Summer might just be here. A perfect day to sit inside all day pushing tin soldiers around. I put on my lucky pink striped socks and set off for the first Pre-Masters Mash up. The UK masters is in 2 weeks so this was a chance to get together and play some practice games and iron out the final wrinkles in our lists. I was playing a pSevvy list which I have been building on for quite a while now, it looks like this:

Grand Scrutator Severius

Choir of Menoth (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Flameguard Cleansers (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Holy Zealots (Leader and 9 Grunts)
Holy Zealot Monolith Bearer

The Covenant of Menoth
The Wrack (3 wracks)
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth

It’s a jack heavy list which a lot of people struggle to deal with and can often plough through armies. The jacks are all fairly capable at dealing with infantry swarms as well as hard targets. The units are not the most popular choices in the Menoth arsenal but under Eye of Menoth (+1 to attack and damage rolls to all friendlies in Sev’s control area) they are both pushed to a sweet spot. Rat 7 Pow 15 Zealots and Rat 6 Pow 13 Cleansers are solid. There is also a strong denial element as everything apart from the support (Covenant not included) and the Cleansers are, or can be made, immune to spells. I’ve had a lot of success with this list in various iterations although it has suffered some defeats as of late so I wasn’t massively confident in it.

Game 1 – Nathan – Cygnar – eHaley

My first game was against Nathan Hoole, a Cygnar player. I had seen this guy around at tournies and he seemed to do pretty well which was slightly worrying. It got worse when he whapped down an eHaley list. It looked a little something like this:



Ol’ Rowdy

Iron Clad


Black 13th

Precursor Knights

Stormblades + UA

Gun Mages



We where playing convergence which is practically mosh-pit. This was my second game ever against eHaley, I had learned to fear time-bomb. To this end I kept no-spells on my jacks for as long as humanly possible. Temporal Deceleration was also problematic; my list is actually full of ranged attacks so giving the whole army +2 Def and Arm against range hurt. eHaley is a real toolbox caster, on top of a load of solid spells she has a real day wrecking feat which I managed to weather. Nathan’s downfall came when he tried to throw my Guardian with his Ironclad but lost on the strength roll which allowed me to take out both his heavy hitters. It went to time and I won on tie-break by having more army points in the pit. Although we didn’t get to finish the game proper I think I had the upper hand and was on the track to win if the game went on. Nathan had lost his heavy jacks and only had one Stormblade left, he would have struggled to deal with my full-metal advance. 1 victory for Menoth!

Game 2 – Max – Khador – Strakhov

My second opponent was a Khador player called Max, after seeing eFeora as my second list he whipped out a Stroke-off list which looked something like this:



Beast – 09



Assault Kommandos

Iron Fang Pikemen + UA

Great Bears



Widowmaker Marksman

This was a great looking, very red, fully painted Khador army. This was also my first game against Broke-off, lets see if the rumors about this guy are true! We where playing capture the flag. Although I didn’t play my eFeora list this list was full of fire based attacks leaving me without a great answer to the AKs or Strakhov himself. This army was quick. He didn’t use Overrun and only the Marauder, Great bears and Manhunter benefited from the feat. But between the feat, Superiority and the IFP mini-feating and running only to reform a further 6” (5?) he was in my grill before I knew what was going on. Needless to say, I didn’t get far out of my deployment zone. My sprays where my MVP, setting light to columns of infantry and dealing with the Manhunters no problem. The Guradian was also very solid, getting Critical Pitch at all the right moments (throwing Beast after taking out his cortex!) Max won by tie-break because he had more army points around my flag than I had managed to get to his (a grand total of 0.) He had a plan to assassinate Sev that didn’t go off. After detangling his last Great Bear from the Zealots he could have charged Sev but it turned out that the remaining Bear didn’t grant pathfinder on the charge. If I had another turn I might have been able to kill Strakhov as he was in a vulnerable position but it was a fun game anyhow. Max came out with all sorts of surprises and interesting moves so I’m not too sour. A shameful defeat!

Game 3 – Ashley – Khador – Karchev

After lunch we had the 3rd and final game. I was playing against another Khador player by the name of Ashley. His list looked like this:




2 x Devastator

Man-O-War Shocktroopers x 2

Gay Lord Ternion


Koldun Lord

This was a tier 4 list against another caster I’ve not met before. Ashley’s paint scheme was incredible. Based black with golden swirls freehanded all over the armour plates. We where playing the scenario with the 3 objectives across the centre where 1 disappears after the first turn. This game was intense! I got first turn and was spraying and firing Vanquisher shots at Karchev from my second turn. It turns out the big lug is tricky to hit when sat in a cloud with Sidearms up! I was down on scenario points pretty quick when Ashley parked a Devastator on one of the objectives. There was nothing I could do to get him off it so it became a battle against time to kill Karchev! My 3rd turn the Templar managed to land a couple of hits on Karchev (reach an beatback is legend!) Unfortunately he bulldozed the Templar away then backed off to let the Mechanics patch him up. 4th turn I managed to land another Repenter spray and Vanquisher shot on him to finish him off just before he could win by scenario, phew. I lost a lot of respect for Man-O-War Shocktroopers this game. I’ve not met them before but I thought they’d put out more damage and survive longer than they did. Ashley found a new respect for fire causing sprays and wasn’t a fan of my Cleansers. A second victory to the glory of Menoth!

All in all I went 2 games to 1 and came 8th out of 22 which is sound . I also went home with the best Menoth certificate (w00p), just beating Ben Josling. Big thanks to Alex of KhadorRed ( for organising (and winning?! Shenanigans!) the tourney. I had 3 great games against 3 good players who where really sound. I didn’t feel the hyper-competitive, heads down atmosphere you sometimes get. It was good to chill and play some good games with some good folk

Points of note which might explain some of my success: Nobody seems to get the opportunity to play against the Protectorate, all 3 of my opponents where pretty clueless about what my stuff was! Also, although I played 2 Khador players I managed to avoid coming up against the Winterguard deathstar, I hate that thing.

So, Masters is up next and us Guild guys who are going will be running a series of discussions on our planned lists as the event gets nearer. Until then;

in a bit



6 Responses to “Winsford Pre-Masters Mash Up”

  1. jasefox Says:

    Nice one Pete. Can’t believe you lost to Stroke-off. I think a lot of the new steamroller scenarios can be won pretty easy by fast armies.

    How did you find fighting a tier 4 army? What bonuses did he get?

    • petezilla Says:

      It was ok… he got cheap jacks which i didn’t quite notice and his manowar got advance move which probably makes a big difference compared to their usual shuffle.

  2. Adam Says:

    Nice one man, representing the Guild massif!!
    Who won, and with what?

  3. criticalsam Says:

    Nice one dude! the second highest placed menoth for you now?!?! good stuff!

  4. Nationals List Discussion Part II: The List’s Revenge! « Barbed Thorn Says:

    […] It hits hard. It dies slowly. And it deals with a lot of things that are thrown at it. Its good fun letting the Templar and the Guardian plough through heavy targets while the AoEs and sprays blow the chaff away. Also, being ‘jack heavy, its pretty handy at scenarios even though it’s kinda slow. Units can struggle to take objectives effectively because the entire unit needs to gather around whereas a ‘jack can wander up and sit on it. I’ve already talked about this list in the pre-masters write up so check out how it performed here: […]

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