When Podcasts update…


Ok so when I’m painting, I like to tune myself out of what’s going on around me and just go into my own little world, something that’s not easy when you have a 11 month old daughter.

One of the things that help me tune out are podcasts. I like to listen to other peoples musings on the world of Hordesmachine (or Warmahordes). Currently, there are 5 main podcasts that I listen to and look forward to when they update, and today I’m going to pass my thoughts on these podcasts. So, in no particular order, I present my favourite podcasts…

Guts and Gears – http://gutsngears.libsyn.com/
Guts and gears is the premier Warmahordes (or Hordesmachine) podcast, they get a lot of high profile guests, and the guys are well into the game and the company. The podcast updates quite infrequently, it’s not on a set schedule due to the guys being pretty busy. The guys absolutely love the hobby and the game and are very very enthusiastic about it. My only slight gripe is that they sometimes appear to not know anything about the game, and I have a hard time discerning whether or not this is feigned ignorance or whether the guys just aren’t that experienced.
Top episode: the whole coverage from templecon is brilliant, check it out.

Boosted Damage – http://www.boosteddamage.com/
Boosted damage is a podcast by my fellow Brits from London. The podcast is very focused on the tournament scene for Hordesmachine (or Warmahordes) and the guys are very opinionated. It’s interesting for me to hear what the meta in Britain is shaping out to be, and this podcast helps me out with that. The guys do really good reviews on rules changes and new upcoming models, they sometimes have a tendency to go off topic but I usually find their musings quite funny (especially the little chef omelette story) there’s also a nice mix of factions played between the guys. But please guys, if you read this, stop it with the Skorne hate!
Favourite podcaster: definitely the cat, star of the show.

Focus and Fury – http://www.focusandfury.com/
By their own admission, an explicit and opinionated podcast. These guys pull no punches, if they like a model they’ll rave about about it. If they hate a model they’ll rip it to shreds, but you can guarantee it’ll be hilarious. Again a podcast focused very much on the tournament scene, these guys really know what they’re talking about. It’s clear they love the hobby (as do all the podcasts I listen to) but they won’t be shy about mistakes PP may make.
Favourite part of the show: the TB.

The Prime Generation – http://www.theprimegeneration.com/
The prime generation is a relatively new podcast with only 6 episodes under it’s belt. As far as the podcast goes it’s very similar and along the lines of Focus and Fury, however it is clear these guys are from a different meta, it’s great to hear them ramble on about things that the other guys consider crap.
Favourite bit so far: Hearing the guys rave about how cool Amon is when every other podcast calls him shit.

The Iron Agenda – http://www.ironagenda.com/
The Iron agenda is Basically every podcast described above in one. It combines all the best parts from the above podcasts, it’s focused upon a lot of different aspects of the hobby and the guys seem to know what they’re talking about. They have regular updates and always have interesting topics to talk about, they even get some good guests on aswell.
Favourite thing about Iron Agenda: the IABN (Iron Agenda Blog Network, which we are a part of and has introduced me to a lot of interesting Blogs)

Now these are the podcasts I’ve been listening to for a while, but they’re not the only podcast I listen to, and I would probably get a bit of stick if I didn’t mention gdaybloke’s Lost Hemisphere radio (http://losthemisphere.com) which currently only has 2 episodes, but they’re a good listen and the guys are massively enthusiastic about the hobby, plus no one can resist the sexy sultry Australian accent of gdaybloke.


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6 Responses to “When Podcasts update…”

  1. gdaybloke Says:

    (*puts the stick away*)

    I don’t have to beat you… THIS time… except with the dulcet tones of my melifluous voice 😉

    Glad you’re enjoying all that’s out there.Another new kid on the block is Out Of Formation. They’re five episodes in at this point.

    • jasefox Says:

      I have listened to out of formation, but I found it badly edited and it doesn’t really have it’s own site as such, I found it hard to find the download (didn’t have access to iTunes) that’s why I didn’t mention it.

  2. Owen Says:

    Good round up. I enjoy all of the above except Guts’n’Gears – the hosts are too fanboy for me and I agree that they just don’t sound that experienced. IA is still my favourite, but I have fond memories of the Podthralls. Lost Hemisphere Radio has great potential and I’ve enjoyed their first two forays.


    • gdaybloke Says:

      I think the thing to remember about GnG is that they ask for explanations on what everything is deliberately so that new listeners, who might not have any idea what Feat X or Spell Y does, can have an idea of what’s being discussed.

      Sam and Andres know the game quite well, they’re just targetting a less experienced audience with their podcast.

  3. Adam Says:

    Lets get the BT podcast on the go. Jase you can do a weekly podcast on the joys of Trolls, the applications of the word “Jabroney” and how much you miss us in Chester!

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