The end but also the beginning


Well first i want to thank you all for the votes you have cast over these past few weeks that has put this army together. I think we could have gone into a lot more details for the units and choices if we had chosen other warcasters than eButcher, but the final list is very themed and i think will be fun to play. also i find it stange that im using his random focus as more of a ‘he get 2 focus anything else is a bonus’ which i think helps.

I think the format worked quite well, in fact i would be so tempted to do it again in the future but for now thanks to you guys(and gals) im now on the cold snowy road to khador.

The next step is the painting which i will keep you all updated with as i get the rest of the army.

also as i learn to use him i will post the battle reports and tactics used so any victory i have you will have all helped with and if i lose, well its all your fault :).

i will ask one thing to all my happy voters, ive found with the 2 games ive had with ebutcher that he needs to get in there to help the army but does run the chance of getting splatted across the table, do you hide him behind the spriggan/beserker or use some other crafty delivery system.


One Response to “The end but also the beginning”

  1. petezilla Says:

    Yeah, your opponents army makes a pretty sound delivery system!

    Butch has gone on Vindictus’ for-the-torture-chamber list.

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