BTC – welcome to slacker alley


So we all knew it was coming, the true question was just when. Last week I spent the week playing Final Fantasy 13 and generally moaning about how much I hate being back at work (and rubbing my sore chin because I have to shave everyday).

So it comes round to Saturday night, and I suddenly realised I hadn’t painted anything. Pants. So I whipped on a mix tape (put my iPod on shuffle) and cracked out some Dr. Pepper and went into overdrive. The results of two nights frantic painting can be seen below…

I also managed to half finish the Slag troll, so he should be up tomorrow, aswell as the fell caller now i’ve figured out what that damn thin on his back is.


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6 Responses to “BTC – welcome to slacker alley”

  1. lofty Says:

    Those are bloody impressive for such a rush job mate. Kudos, love the basing too. Where do you get your cork?

  2. Owen Says:

    Bloody impressive for 2 nights painting. Nice one.


  3. Adam Says:

    Nice job man, truely ready for some serious “axe to month” 😛

  4. lofty Says:

    Ikea it is, been searching for a while, fed up of using wine corks XD

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