I want my babyback, babyback, babyback… ribs.


So to try and get some content up whilst I finish off some painting, I’ve roped Adam ‘Ajay29’ Jones into doing a write up on the new Skorne Warlock….

Hey all, welcome to my first post on Barbed Thorn!
I’m going to be examining the latest addition to the Skorne family, our new warlock Dominar Rasheth.
First thing’s first, I have to get this out of the way before it overwhelms me – he’s fat. Like… really fat. As in, Rasheth is so fat that the only thing that’s attracted to him is gravity (boom boom, thank you very much). And if I’m honest, this is what makes me really want to buy him and play him, he’s so different.
Look at other casters and ‘locks that are different – Karchev is IN a ‘jack, Kraye rides a horse, The Coven are 3 girls and a ball, and Kromac can do the Hulk thing, to name but a few of the more individual characters. It’s flavourful, it’s looking at new angles, it’s taking the game in more varied directions. And it’s pretty epic.

So, bring out the fat bastard!

C’mon, that’s a pretty badass model, right? Huh? Opinions seem to be going both ways over the new Dominar, both in terms of the model itself and its actual place in the Skorne army.
Myself, I’m holding true to the view that different does not equal bad. Rasheth is continuing the age-old tradition of portraying fat guys as more than capable of reaching the top through cunning, deviousness, and if push comes to shove, getting someone else to fight for them! Jabba the Hutt and Baron Vladimir Harkonnen are two classic examples of gluttony to greatness, and neither of those two could lift a halberd.
So I’ve got no problem with a fat dude in the Skorne army, but the model itself is a slightly different story. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an ace model, but I have a few gripes with it.
The two identical agonisers at the rear annoy me a little, would it have been hard to have all three different? Also the almost horizontal posture he’s taking grates on me, as he can’t really see anyone if they get too close (or if they’re small). But these minor things are quickly overshadowed by the bowl of grapes by one hand, the fan on the other side, the bladed chalice and that epic double chin. Overall, it’s a winner in my eyes.

I guess I’ll end this article with some random speculation on what Rasheth’s going to be like on the battlefield!
Cruddy stats across the board except for ARM, CMD and I’ll say Fury 8 at least.
Attuned spirit [Titans] has been thrown around, and/or the possibility of free transfers to Titans (maybe just one a round though…). He does seem like a bit of a grind-fest spellcaster; no melee abilities whatsoever but almost impossible to take down.
I’m also going to say that he has Agoniser abilities, but not the same ones that the regular one has, in addition to his spells like Xerxis’ Battle Plans.
His feat will be some kind of massive debuff to SPD and DEF (make the enemy as fat as he, mwahahaha).

Lastly, apparently his house specializes in Titans. I might take him in a different direction… I’m buying myself a bunch of Razor Worms for Baron Harkonnen… Shai Hulud… Shai Hulud….


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6 Responses to “I want my babyback, babyback, babyback… ribs.”

  1. petezilla Says:

    My word! A dune reference.
    1 interwebz coming your way!

  2. Procrastinator Says:

    all we need now is a ginger sting solo and the dune movie can be recreated.

  3. Thundernuts Says:

    This being my first glimpse of the fat bastard adn I have to say…AWESOME! That model is totally cool. Very different like you said. A dune themed skorne army might be on the horizon for me.

  4. Peter Buxton Says:

    That’s it, if you bring your nice Dune Skorne I will be bringing my snake riding elves to the party.

  5. criticalsam Says:

    flippin sweet model, cant wait to see it on the tabel. Maybe one for a spot of paint Aj? 😀

    I agree about the two agonisers at the back, would have been better with two different poses!

  6. Adam Says:

    I don’t know if I own enough paint to cover the fat bastard…

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