Peoples Army – Is this the end?


Hi everyone, well we are kind on in a prediciment at the moment.

as it stands the army contains eButcher, wardog, spriggan, beserker, doom reavers and ua.

now by my calculations if we want to stick to the tier system we will pic from the following two lists

eButcher w/ wardog




Doomreavers w/ UA

doom reavers




eButcher w/ wardog




Doomreavers w/ UA

Doom reavers w/UA


both are tier 4 and 35pt lists. anything other than that wont be tier lists so this is it after over 300 votes it could be the end pick you option or if the people so choose we will pick different options(ie non tier)


4 Responses to “Peoples Army – Is this the end?”

  1. jasefox Says:

    What about non-tier 4? I mean can eButch have Yuri?

    • Procrastinator Says:

      Well to start the tiers off ie why we chose tier list you would need to add 2 more dr units ony leaving 7 points which would be fenris for 5 points leaving 2 more. Now with everyone picking the beserker so the tiers would still be possible and 2 jacks make it 4th tier list so fenris is kind of a given. So were back to the poll ie one of those two options or we don’t go for a tier list past tier 1 or not at all

  2. Adam Says:

    I don’t see why so many people think a single manhunter will be more beneficial than a squad of Doomies having tough/Silence.
    The only times I find Manhunters effective (well, more than 2 points worth of effectiveness) is when there’s two of them with Yuri.

  3. Procrastinator Says:

    forgot to mention the poll will end on the wed 19th.

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