The Megagame of april 27th.


Hello there! This will be my first post, but doesn’t seem like the right time for an introduction, so I’ll just get on with it! Blue text and photographs by me, everything else is by Adam!

“So, when is Magnus getting back?” the man asked. He looked like someone who had been viciously and repeatedly struck by lightning, Hexeris mused. Grey hair stuck out at erratic angles, and when his goggles were lifted there was a definite hint of an uncontrollable twitch in his eyes.

Hexeris knew that Magnus was no longer on friendly terms with the Skorne, but this loyalist scientist didn’t need to know that just yet. Why let a perfectly effective pawn leave, especially when that pawn itself commanded a significant force of its own?

A Praetorian hurriedly entered the tent, “My Lords, a significant force approaches. It appears to be Cryx…”

“Excellent,” Hexeris exclaimed, “Release the titans and form up! Meemo, get those lightning machines ready and prepare to march…”

OK, so here we are! The 100 point mega-mash-up!

Seeing as how Buxton and Sam both brought Cryx, it made sense for them to team up while my Skorne joined up with Andy’s (obviously loyalist) Cygnar.

Skorne and Cygnar –

Hexeris, Bronzeback, Gladiator, Krea, Savage, Full Arcuarii, Full Swordsmen with UA, Agonizer, Min Ferox, Full Paingiver Beast Handlers.

Epic Meemo, Thunderhead, Ol’ Rowdy, Stormclad, Max Stormguard, Stormblades with UA, 3 Stormsmith stormcaller solos, Arlan strangeways and a Journeyman Warcaster.

Cryx –

Venethrax, Deathjack, Slayer, Deathripper, 2 x Max MechThralls, 2 x Pistol Wraith, Skarlock, Min Satyxis with UA.

Skarre, 2 x Slayer, arcnode bonejack, min MechThralls, Skarlock, Tartarsauce, Loads of Banes…

So, we set up the table, and it’s pretty much me against Buxton and Andy against Sam. Let the bloodbath commence!!

Cryx turn 1 –

Everything ran. Venny Lamented, Skarre’s Skarlock murdered something for more focus next turn.

No, really. That’s it. There’s Mecanithralls EVERYWHERE though.

Skorne/Cygnar turn 1 –

Skorne surge forward, staying out of the charge range of the Thralls. Sexy Hexy puts Deathmarch on the Praets, dumps the rest in the Agonizer. Ferox go wiiiiiide where Buxton has put his Pistol Wraith.

The Cygnar force does what Cygnar does best and BRAVELY stays where it is. The combined movement from the Cygnar force is less than the movement of ONE Praet swordsman. Cowards.

Epic Meemo put Polarity shield on the Stormguard making it impossible to charge them, but still easily killed if actually attacked. Failsafe Went on Ol’ Rowdy, improving it’s armour and making him immune to lost systems. Lightning shroud went on the Thunderhead, improving it’s strength and causing it’s melee attacks to inflict electroleap.

The journeyman popped an arcane shield on the Stormclad, bumping it’s armour up to match Rowdy’s improved score.

The Stormguard were faced with an awkward situation – they couldn’t be charged by the unit of Satyxis raiders that had run up past the middle of the field but the Satyxis walking threat range was only slightly shorter and the guard were themselves slightly too far away to charge the Satyxis.

In the end I widened my line, wheeling around the right past the area covered by the Satyxis while staying just out of there threat range, while the rest of my force shuffled up behind so I could lay down more punishment when things did start getting busy.

Cryx turn 2 –

Lamentation stayed up, Skarre gets +4 Focus.

Venny’s Skarlock and the DJ both threw Blood Rain’s at the Praets, both deviating into perfect spaces where nothing was.

All Buxton’s Mechanithralls ran to engage my Praets, but there’s too many of them and there’s a lot of clogging up going on.

Looks like all Sam’s stuff runs again, Skarre throwing a couple of BR’s at Andy’s SG, missing them all.

Skorne/Cygnar turn 2 –

The Praets RAMPAGE through the MThralls. DM was upkept, so they’re Mat 8, and they minifeat for auto-damage on warrior models with Sidestep from the UA.

In an ideal world, all 11 attacking Praets would have wiped out both units of MThralls easily, but the clogging of both units mean I only get about 12 out of 20.

Theres a Gladiator sneaking through the forest in the middle, and the Krea is sticking it’s animus up for giggles.

Hexy sticks Rush on the BB, and hangs back, waiting for a moment of inspiration.

Paingivers strip the Fury off the Glad and Krea and enrage the BB, who promptly charges the DJ and rips it apart using only 2 Fury. I like.

The Savage moves up to Pete’s Deathripper and crumples it’s arcnode.

Buxton forgot to do anything with his Pistolwraiths last turn, so the one that was supposed to tie up my Ferox has been stood there while my Ferox skip round the back of the Cryx lines, roflcoptering all the way.

The Stormguard charged the Mechanithralls that had run past the Satyxis to try and tempt me forwards, only four were near enough and only two hit, though electroleap inflicted an additional Mcthrall loss and bounced a hit to a Bonejack, dealing an impressive 7 damage and burning out it’s arc node.

The Stormsmiths got busy, disrupting and damaging another Bonejack in the midfield and removing a couple of additional Mcthralls.

The Thunderhead walked forward and used energy pulse, removing all but the last two of the Mcthrall unit.

Meemo then walked forward and shot an encroaching Machine Wraith with his magical electrical staff before using energizer to move himself and the Thunderhead back to a slightly safer position.

The two melee warjacks moved up a little to support the Stormguard whilst the Stormblades milled about in the rear, given no room to move thanks to the number of friendlies just in front and the reasonably thick wood between myself and Adam’s front lines.

Cryx turn 3 –

Buxton, raging from the insults my Ferox chanted as they skipped past the left side Pistol Wraith, sorted out his incorporeal flanking forces first and foremost. And it was truly a sight to behold, as one Pistol Wraith drew a bead on my Ferox and…. Did 1 damage to one of them. Whew.

The other one did better though, gunning down 2 SG on Andy’s side.

The MThralls beat down 3 Praets, while Venny’s Skarlock corroded the Officer and one other Praet with a Blood Rain.

The Satyxis Charge the Praets and my Gladiator, KD’ing the Glad and a couple of Praets.

Venny casts Dragon Slayer, takes a deep breath, and charges my BB. As has been mentioned in a previous post, it didn’t take much to turn my beloved BB into hamburger.

To add insult to injury, he took the 2 Fury on the BB and made it into Focus (git) and then Feated,

Over on the other side, Skarres ‘node has moved up and sprayed the SG, melting 3, and Tartarsauce chopped up two more.

To add insult to injury the two Stormguard killed by Tartarsauce turned into Bane thralls who were now close enough to charge Rowdy. Between them they laughed at his ARM 22 and lopped off about a third of his damage boxes, including all of his right arm system ones. Rowdy shrugged off the system damage thanks to Failsafe, but I still couldn’t help but curse the banes for there cheek!

With everything that was thrown at them, the Stormguard were almost wiped out this turn, though the few survivors were a plucky lot and carried on regardless.

There are now 12 Bane thralls and Tartarsauce sat either on or just in front of my lines, with a full unit of Bane Knights, two slayers and a bonejack just behind! On the plus side, the last two McThralls managed to precisely block the charge of a supporting Satyxis unit and the girls with the racks decide to turn towards Adam instead, achieving little for now.

Oh, and from where I’m sitting, there are Banes EVEYWHERE!!! (Did Peter and Sam plan this horrendous double wave of infantry? The psychological damage alone was immense…)

Skorne/Cygnar turn 3 –

Vengeance kicks in, the Praets murder a couple more Mechanithralls, who explode and we search for some 3” templates…

I got very cocky here. Hexeris had a clear shot at Venny, and to make things better I could get the Krea in there too to drop his DEF by 2 with her animus.

So, not wanting to keep Peter waiting, it happened. Krea pops her animus and moves up to Venny. Hexy then charges Venny, and it’s only at this point I ask to hear his stats. Def 15 basic? OK, it’s down to 13 because of the Krea, but that’s still decent. Arm? Sorry, come again? 21? TWENTY ONE?!?! Crud…. 16, +2 from Dragon Slayer, +3 due to Focus on him.

Hexeris is rolling dice -7 to damage him. . Should have asked before charging. Needless to say, Venny survives with plenty of health. Plus Hexy missed his last 2 attacks which I was going to use to Beat Back Venny away, so he’s still in melee.

So, Hexy pops his feat to utterly counteract Venny’s feat (Hexys feat removes the model from play before it can explode into Charnel Flames, take that Venethrax!)

Then everything that can get to Venny DOES in an attempt to stop Hexy from dying next turn; Praets kill MThralls who under Hexy’s Feat trumdle over to Venny to try and hit him, a Gladiator tramples over to him to put a bit more damage on, but not enough, and my Hail Mary Ferox misses its charge attack. The Agonizer runs into the space between Venny and Hexy so Venny has to at least spend an attack killing the little bugger. I’m ready to throw in the towel…

Meemo popped his feat, granting all three heavy warjacks three focus. He pulled one right back off the Stormclad since that will get one for free from the Stormblades when it activates, he then casts energizer to move all of his warjacks nearer to the Cryx force and walks forward a little extra to shoot at one of the Slayers. The Magic lighting staff connects again and this time the Slayer is pinned to the ground by a tractor field, it’s nearby fellow being pulled towards it and unable to advance on me also, both effectively out of the fight for this round.

The Stormsmiths moved up and made two triangulation actions and a single strike, clearing Six Cryxian infantry in all.

Rowdy charged towards Tartarsauce, performing a Tremor for his charge attack, knocking down the Bane lord and the immediate front line of the Cryx lines before thumping his hammer home three more times to kill the Bane lord and one of his Thralls.

A surviving Stormguard kills a couple of banes to clear a nice path for the Thunderhead..

The Thunderhead walks forward to base contact with the knocked down section of the Cryx frontline, staying just out of melee range of a not knocked down Bonejack. He Pulses, and removes the bulk of the remaining Bane Thralls, something close to half of the Bane knights, a Necrotech and the bulk of the Bonejacks health. He buys an additional automatically hitting attack on the Bonejack to finish it off, before removing one more Bane Thrall with his last shot.

The Stormclad activated, hoovered up it’s extra focus from the nearby Stormblades and charged a Bonejack to my left, Adam’s right, in what was aproaching the midfield of the game. His charge attack scrapped the Bonejack and a Bane Thrall behind it was fried by the Generator Blade’s electroleap. His next attack killed Gerlak slaughterborn who had been hiding out in midfield and further zapped a Satyxis that was attacking one of Adam’s titans.

The Stormblades declared a charge order and moved up, getting very few attacks because the bulk of the unit was blocked by friendlies. The remainder of the unit ran forwards to be ready for next turn. The attacks they did make killed a couple of Cryx troopers.

Cryx turn 4 –

Sam looks briefly dejected at his forces predicament, then seemingly has an idea.. Skarre walks forwards, activated her feat at full fury and casts dark guidance before clearing out a few Stormblades with magic.

The last surviving Bane Thrall charges through the new gap at Meemo, inflicting 18 damage and taking him out of the game – In my excitement at a turn gone awesome and my Stormblades actually charging something (They have had a run where over four games they managed one total infantry kill and around 12 losses!) I had completely forgotten to cover Meemo properly with the Stormblades run moves!

Venny, after upkeeping Dragon Slayer and killing the Agonizer, starts beating on Hexy. After a few swings, Hexy has 3 health left, and Venny has 2 Focus left.. Let me script this for you –

Me – You’re doing dice +3 on your damage, so all you need to do is hit once more and you win. You hit on 7’s….

Peter – OK. Spend one Focus to buy an attack.

Sam – Dude, you might as well boost it with that last focus. Guaranteed a hit then and we win!

Peter – Yeah true. OK, spend a Focus to boost the hit. 3 dice, needing a 7.

*rolls dice*

Me – Uhh, a 4 and two 1’s… HOLY CRAP, YOU MISSED!!

*I laugh uncontrollably, Peter literally hits the deck*

We called it a day at this point. Andy’s caster was down, and it was late, so a Cryx victory!


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5 Responses to “The Megagame of april 27th.”

  1. criticalsam Says:

    epic report and the story at the start is cool lol :D. My thrall was on a bit of a heroic mission and took one for the team

  2. Procrastinator Says:

    see if you went back to my last post about boosting you would have bought the extra attack!!!!!

    it was a ridiculously epic game i think when doing it again you need to have some rules on force composition ie less infantry

  3. Adam Says:

    If you’d seen the turn before, I missed 2 consecutive attacks, both needed 6+ on 2 dice. All the luck had gone. Averages meant nothing that day. Twas a bad day for dice…

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