Peoples army – Second jack choice


Hi all sorry about the last post my kind collegue petezilla step in to help a guy in need.

first i wanted to show you some models finished so far (i did remember to paint something this time) so we have the man him self his trusty companion kai(named after my sisters mastiff) and the spriggan.

Now thats overwith after the last vote it was quite clearly a unit of doom reavers with UA and a poll for jack choice.

now so far we have: butcher,wardog,spriggan and doom reaver with unit attachment, so by my calculations we have a remaining 22pts left.

my fellow khador player adam has imformed me that if we want to stick to a strictly tier list then only the beserker would be chosen as the next jack(but what does he know), this again is purely for the people to decide so as ever lend me your votes(and please no hung decisions-british politics humour for ya). both will be running until wednesday 12th as ill try and get 2 in per week.

and next choice


8 Responses to “Peoples army – Second jack choice”

  1. Adam Says:

    What do I know!??!
    Run the numbers man, if you want to reach tier 4 in 35 points then head my words…. *fades into the background*

  2. jasefox Says:

    Bah! I blame David Cameron! It’s his fault.

    I voted Beserker, cause it’s sooper cool. I also voted another Jack, cause if I had my own way it would be all jacks.

    If Jack choice does win, I’d probably vote Beserker. Cause I’m like that!

  3. petezilla Says:

    It’d be nice to know what the tier lists actually do and if it is worth striving for them. I’d like to see more ‘jacks but tier 4 is always so tantalizing.

  4. Adam Says:

    Allow me to educate you;
    eButch’s tier 4 doesn’t give many useful bonus’s, but overall you get FA:U on Doomie UA’s, -1 point on Doomie units, +1 on starting roll and eButch gets 7 focus start of game/first turn.
    It’s all about the flavour though. Hell, if I had one more unit of Doomies, I’d run that list all the time.

  5. petezilla Says:

    so which bonus do you get a tier 4?

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