What a Bane in the ass


Hey peeps! Just thought id put up a post for my min unit of Bane Thralls!

I really like this unit and I think the paint job is kinda average, its not horrible but its not perfect! Ive adopted a speed paint attitude because I really want a fully painted army and the only way I can get my head around it is to paint stuff kinda quick. It involves standard base coats, quite a lot of washes and then some highlights if needed. I really like my orange soul juice thing goin on and think it clashes really well with the purple.

The unit on the table are badass with stealth and Dark Shroud. A bane thrall with Scything Touch attacking an enemy with Parasite is effectively +7 up on his standard P+S 11 weapon master attack. 3 from Parasite, 2 from Scything Touch and and extra 2 for Dark Shroud.

I usually find it hard to decide between the Knights and Thralls because even though people think they might be quite simialr I find that they play completly different roles and usually end up taking 2 min units of each which works out really nice.

So anyway, without further a do!



8 Responses to “What a Bane in the ass”

  1. petezilla Says:

    go orange face Jim!

  2. jasefox Says:

    Explain orange face Jim….

    But i like your scheme Sam, looks good!

  3. petezilla Says:

    Check the 3rd guy from the right.
    His name is Jim. He has an orange face.

  4. Adam Says:

    Nice job man, I really like the “ab-normal” colour scheme!
    Plus the pun in the title is epic, I see what you did there!

  5. criticalsam Says:

    Yeah I thought the pun was pretty epic 🙂

  6. petezilla Says:

    Sam laughed so much when he first thought of that, it was kinda wierd!

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