BTC – Mulg (without pink rocks)


So when I came to painting mulg I had 2 main issues, 1: how do I make the rocks on his back not look too green using charadon granite? 2: how do I tie him in with the force?

I decided to solve the first issue by hilighting up the charadon granite with codex grey, with a pure very light drybrushing of codex grey at the end. When I filled in the runes and did the runic glow similar to Doomies, it really came out perfect and exactly as I wanted it.

As for fitting him in my force, I started painting his loincloth in the tartan colour that Doomy was wearing, but then I thought, why would Mulg wear tartan? So instead I went for the drab earthy browny colour similar to Doomies robes, and tied him more in with Doomy by painting his runic club in a similar effect as I did with Doomies staff.

All in all, I’m very pleased with Mulg, he’s an awesome beast and I can’t wait to get him on the table. As always click the pictures for large images, and feel free to leave c+c, my ego could do with a kicking right now!

Incidentally, Mael just did a good write up on Mulg in MkII over on Lost Hemisphere, if you fancy a read just Clicky the linky


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3 Responses to “BTC – Mulg (without pink rocks)”

  1. Andy Says:

    I like it a lot. Since you asked for constructive criticism though .. Both in this one and the Doomie piece I’ve wondered if the metals couldn’t use slightly more definition, either a slightly stronger coat with the brown wash or a slightly brighter highlight step, or both but it is hard to tell if the camera is distorting it a bit in the first place.

  2. petezilla Says:

    Your ego could do with a kicking? This is the worst Mulg I’ve seen! Where are his eyes?! That welp is a terrible addition! I really hate the way you’ve made his club look like the naked wood of a tree with random bits of bark still attached to it!
    That enough of a kicking?

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