BtBC (Barbed Thorn Broadcasting Corporation) – 20pt Mini-Mangled-Metal Tournament


Last night a bunch of us guys at the guild had a little mangled metal tournament. 4 of us played meaning we could play 3 rounds and everybody would get a game against everybody else. Ajay layed down some rules to keep the lists interesting: No character ‘jacks, at least 1 light and heavy and 1 solo was allowed to fill out the points. Below are a series of videos outlining how the thing unfolded:

This video was taken halfway through the first round:

First round results:

1 st Round Leaderboard (W/L)

Andy (Cygnar) : 1/0

Petezilla (Protectorate): 1/0

CriticalSam (Cryx): 0/1

Ajay (Mercs/Magnus): 0/1

2nd and 3rd round results (aka I’m an idiot):

Final Standings (W/D/L)

Petezilla (Protectorate) 3/0/0

Andy (Cygnar) 1/1/1

CriticalSam (Cryx) 1/1/1

Ajay (Mercs) 0/0/3

So there you have it, if you note a hint of smugness from me that would be because I’ve recently been on a losing streak and was whining about how incapable the Protectorate are in this format after seeing everybody elses lists. I apologize again for losing the second round video (especially to Adam, his Denny=period rant only lives on in the memory of those lucky enough to have witnessed it). As ever, for the video stuff especially, let us know what you think. This seems like quite a fun and effective way of using video stuff to blog, but if it was horrible say so!

until next time



One Response to “BtBC (Barbed Thorn Broadcasting Corporation) – 20pt Mini-Mangled-Metal Tournament”

  1. criticalsam Says:

    cool report and kudos to the mighty menoth!

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