People’s Army – Unit “Choice”


Ok, so Chris (aka Procrastinator) is apparently without a PC at the moment so editor-in-chief has asked me to get the ball rolling for the next section of the people’s army.

So far the people have spoken that Chris should build an eButcher themed (Butcher doesn’t cry) list with a Spriggan (who won by a fair margin with the Kodiak coming a gallant second) and a doggie. 5 points out of 35 have been spent. Whats next?

You have spoken, and apparently said this list now needs a unit. eButcher’s theme doesn’t give much variation in choice for this unfortunately. Doom Reavers. Thats it. So this week Chris asks: UA or no?

As ever, what should Chris add to the People’s Army next week? Ahhh, democracy.


7 Responses to “People’s Army – Unit “Choice””

  1. jasefox Says:

    With UA cause the UA is cool.

    I also voted Jack, cause eButch should run jack heavy imo!

  2. Adam Says:

    I was discussing this with PeteZ before, if you want that tier 4 fitting into 35 points then you’ll only get a Berserker on top of that Spriggan…

  3. Procrastinator Says:

    thank you pete for setting up the post for me, from the looks of things im not sure its gonna be a full tier list just using selections from the tiered section.

    but we shall see it may be a beserker that is chosen next, or maybe one of the new plastic jacks, or even better to spit in sorscha’s eye just a bit more he will steal beast 09 and make him a true beast.

    btw all ill run this poll until friday.

  4. Mael Says:

    This is an amazing idea. A crowdsourced army list is an idea I was throwing around for quite a while. Eager to see how this turns out.

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