Venethrax – First Play Review


Well, you will hear soon of the Guild’s latest madness (and what I would like to think as a birthday pressie for me and Adam) of our combined 100 point game of mine and CriticalSam’s Cryx vs Andy’s Cygnar and Adam’s Skorne.

I won’t steal these guys’ thunder with a detailed report but from my point of view it was one of the best games I have played in Mark II and playing against Adam’s Skorne you always get some Epic moments.

As for Venethrax, well support wise he is kinda in it for himself, no real buffs out there (apart from caustic presence which is instant death to basic troopers with combos of Blood Rain (especially with Skarre on the table with him, can you say Blood Rain Spam?) and the Nodes are only useful for Blood Rain, so he is for sure a frontline caster. You only get to Dragon Slayer or Lamentation, both good spells, so Lamentation as you advance swaping to Dragon Slayer when it is time to get stuck in.

I played him a little too behind things to use him to his best of his ability but when he finally got into combat, wow.

When played against Hordes he is a monster. Dragon Slayer plus Dismember plus a charge killed the Bronzeback in 3 swipes with full health (POW 16), plus the next turn he was sat in the middle of the table with Arm 21 (due to converted Fury), Def 15, which, as Adam found out, is a difficult piece to move. We will pass over my total lack of ability to roll 7 on 3 dice and fail to kill Hexie, but he is a suitable Caster killer by himself.

Here is Venethrax after surriving a charge from Hex, a Titan and a unit of Battlecats….

His feat is useful but more as a defensive tactic for blocking LOS and Charge lanes, especially if you know you are going to lose a unit or two. It’s going to take a while to get my head around this feat.

Finally, army lists, for 50 Points I would be taking:

  • Venethrax
  • 2 x Defiler
  • Slayer
  • Skarlock
  • Bane Lord Tartarus
  • 6 Bane Thralls
  • 10 Bile Thralls
  • Bloat Thrall
  • 10 Mechanithralls
  • 10 Mechanithralls
  • 10 Mechanithralls
  • 2 x Warwitch Sirens

And lots and lots of 3 inch markers….


6 Responses to “Venethrax – First Play Review”

  1. James B Says:


    Have you considered Blood gorgers and Gerlak?

    They get the buffs for living models etc and are tough so you get a form of survivability to an extent.

    Can I ask why so many mechthralls?

    Before I forget are you heading to Birmingham for the masters.


    • jasefox Says:

      Haha James that was actually Peter B who posted that cryx post, I’m sure he’ll be along to answer why so many mec thralls.

      In answer to your other question though, Yes! I am going to the nationals/masters! Hotel is booked, ticket bought!

      I’m thinking I might out my trolls depending on if I’ve got enough time to paint the extra to take me to 50 points and my alt list. If I don’t have time then I’ll take my Retri because I’m better with them!

      • Peter Buxton Says:

        Yeah, It’s me not Jase (hence the big Pink Troll….)

        Blood Gorgers and Gerlak, yeah, I am going to take a look at that, lack of figures will be a problem, might have to do something about that….

        For the record I might be at the masters but if I am if will be very last minute!

        Why so McThralls? Cheap, expendable ash clouds. It worked well with 20, so I might just stick at that many rather than really going to town.

        Prehaps Soul Hunters and Darragh Wang instead?

  2. James B Says:

    Oops must read posters name, apologies.

    I’m taking cryx at the moment it’s likely to be terminus and venethrax.

    Hopefully we’ll get a game, Jim attending as well but not taking gorten. Don’t know why….


  3. petezilla Says:

    Thats some pretty balls out playing there Pete! Nicely done. And Adam was so proud of how nobody ever kills his bronzeback. No chraging casters with eiryss this time then? 😉

    • Peter Buxton Says:

      Yeah, the Bronzeback was toast.
      And I did think I had lost Venethrax then, but no, he kept on standing!

      Axe to Month baby!

      And yeah, no Eiryss charging the caster antics this game….

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