The Scythean


So, a while back we saw this beauty on PP’s homepage:

Personally, this pic got me pretty excited and has had me pretty keen to see the Hordes MKII stat cards come out so I could get the dragons on the table again. (Despite allusions to a certain similar looking pokemon/40k alien) Legion players everywhere have been waiting in hope of an affordable beat-stick as the 11 and 12 point Carnivean and Typhon are a huge investment and the 9 point Angelius can’t quite seem to do the job in a lot of cases. Anyway, even though we are yet to see the missing model in the Protectorate book which is out in 4 days the good folks at PP and Tabletop Gaming News have graced us today with this monsters stats. And now I really want those MKII cards!

I have a friend called Adam. Adam thinks this guy is, and I quote; “Nicely underwhelming.” Adam is wrong.

I’m really excited about this guy and he could end up replacing the Carnivean and the Angelius in a lot of my lists. He has a damage output that isn’t far off the Carnivean and a threat range that isn’t far off the Angelius. Just having a speed 6 beast with reach gets me pretty excited. When I play ‘jack heavy Protectorate I generally go for the heavies with reach, the Reckoner, the Templar, the Avatar and even the Guardian. It gives a heavy a lot of versatility when faced with a big target or an infantry swarm not to mention the added threat range. The forumites and Adam,who is wrong in case you had forgotten, have been downplaying the value of the chain attack. It isn’t thresher, you wont be sweeping lumps of infantry off the table because you need to get those two initial pow17s into the same target. But! it is another attack for the Scythean before it starts buying them and I doubt it’ll take much positioning to get a bonus pow17 into a second beast, ‘jack or solo thats loitering around. 3 pow 17s actually add up to 1 more strength than the Carnivean’s 2pow16 and 1pow18. I do have to say that the animus is fairly pointless, the blurb that Jason Soles put out about the Scythean made it sound like this would be a brutal animus but it turns out it will be vaguely annoying against Trolls and soul collecting armies instead.

So, I figure I’ll do some theory machining just to whap out some potential ideas for how the Scythean fits in the Legion arsenal.

How about this scenario, pLylyth shoots a big target and puts parasite on it. A Seraph slipstreams the Scyt”adamiswrong”ean who can charge said big target for free from 13″ away with effectively pow20 attacks. Probably best put tenacity or spiny growth on him first for a sound def12 and arm19 or def11 arm20.

Absylonia and pThags are also going to boost his strength through the roof as well as keep him on the table for longer.

Rhyas’ feat turn might actually allow the Scythean to get a pretty productive bloodbath chain attack off with some cheeky repositioning. On the other hand, Rhyas’ feat + massacre off the Nephilim will allow the Scythean to charge a unit for free, kill a guy, re-position anywhere in base to base with him, move an inch and still have 3 attacks before spending any focus. That should put a nice hole in any unit!

So those are my thoughts on the Scythean, for 9 points he is doing a lot of what the Carnivean is doing for 2 points cheaper and is a more reliable tank buster than the Angelius too.

Oh! Eyeless sight and pathfinder too!

Big thanks to Privateer Press, Tabletop Gaming News ( and captainspud from the PP forums/Lost Hemisphere for the various images.

in a bit


p.s. Adam is wrong, if you see him let him know that I think he is wrong.


6 Responses to “The Scythean”

  1. Adam Says:

    That’s a bit mean…

  2. jasefox Says:

    You are wrong

  3. Andy Says:

    I figure it’s an animus primarily for melee assassin warlocks, more than it is an animus for the beast itself.

    Also don’t forget folks such as Boomhowler&Co and the Pirates with Doc, who all lose there 4+ tough against it.

  4. Peter Buxton Says:

    Adam is wrong. And once again Legion prove to be teh Cheatz.

  5. Owen Says:

    I can’t wait to field this guy. I think he’s well worth the 9pts. The animus has situational value, but the P+S 17 reach attacks are worth the points even before chain attack. He can soak up a lot of damage too.

  6. Jolly Angus Says:

    The animus will also be handy against Terminus and the new UA powered Bane Thralls.

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