Peoples Army – Jack Choice


Hello everyone,

well after the last vote it was a non decider with 10 votes each so i thought it best to ask one of my trusted firends to decide the poll, and it seemed only fair as he didnt get to choose his own army either.

so after much debate in jasons mind (scary to think what goes on in there) he chose the tier list.

now first things are the jack choices, eButcher has 6 jack points and the army will be 35pt in total if that helps decide which one you want.

ill also run a poll for the next poll choice aswell ie. solos,units or another jack.

as ever please leave your comments on here or on the post ill put on the PP forums as these votes continue to be very close so your comment may sway people in your favour.

pp forum link

voting ends on sunday 2nd may, Happy voting


7 Responses to “Peoples Army – Jack Choice”

  1. petezilla Says:

    I went for the Spriggan. Reach makes it a good target for ravager. Having reach at all makes it cool, it looks good and it has a shield so its a general beast.

  2. jasefox Says:

    Spriggan!! Cause they’re awesome and Adam’s a fool for not playing it.

    I also chose jack for next weeks choice, cause I think eButch should be jack heavy!

  3. gdaybloke Says:

    Spriggan. It was Lost Hemisphere’s battlecry at Templecon 2010, after all

  4. Adam Says:

    I went for the Devastator, as nothing says “homicidal maniac” like that a jack that runs up to the enemy, opens its arms as if in loving embrace, and blows everything the fuck up. Booyah.
    Plus, unit next week Chris, you know you want the Doomies…

  5. bluecardinal Says:

    I also went with the Spriggan, it’s an awesome model. If the votes are overwhelming Spriggan, get two 🙂

  6. jasefox Says:

    If I could vote again, I’d still vote spriggan. what solo’s can eButch have?

  7. Peter Buxton Says:

    Spriggan. If only because of the Lance.

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