BTC – The Paint Scheme


So I bought a unit of fennblades last week, because if I ever take my list to 50 points this unit will 100% be in it, plus it allowed me to test my paint scheme.

I’ve been in two minds as to how to paint my trolls, studio blue or a muted grey colour. The grey colour came into my mind whilst I was waiting to find out what list I was going to paint, and i was hoping I could apply it to that LoE list that was all Ogrun, however when I found out it was trolls it suddenly occurred to me that there was nothing stopping me doing this on the trolls!

I played around with a few schemes first, just to make sure I really wanted to do the grey, here are my results

The first scheme I went for was a blue, much like he studio scheme. With this I started off with regal blue, highlighted with 50/50 regal and hawk turqoise, and finished up with a 75/25 hawk and regal mix. I like it, it looks cool and probably would be the one I’d go for if it wasn’t for all the mixing

My second scheme came about when I was mixing the first, I thought ‘How cook would it be to have a hawk turqoise army?’ so I tried it out. The picture really doesn’t do justice as to how bright this model is, it’s simply painted hawk turqoise with an asurmen blue wash.

My final, and the scheme I’m gunna go with, is the grey one. I discovered this whilst helping some young lad in our local GW paint Relictors chapter space marines. It’s a simple but really effective scheme, adeptus battlegrey, heavy wash with badab black, then adeptus battlegrey again! It looks really effective!

I’d like to know what you guys think, which one you like best or which one you would have gone with, or what you think I could do to make it better!


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6 Responses to “BTC – The Paint Scheme”

  1. Ken Says:

    Your final scheme looks really awesome. Has a nice realistic feel to it. The skin has the look of a creature that has been deprived of sunlight, but doesn’t look cartoonish. I’m partial to blue color schemes, and I dig the earlier trials, but your final version is the direction I feel works best.

  2. Jolly Angus Says:

    I rarely like alt scheme trollbloods, but that grey fennblade looks really awesome. If I ever get a unit of them I may paint them up grey like that to add some variety to my army.

  3. petezilla Says:

    I’m kinda concerned to see how the gray works out across the army, like on mulg for example, but that Fennblade looks cool, the bronze is a good call too!

  4. Peter Buxton Says:

    Grey dude. Go for the Monochrome Trolls!

  5. Andy Says:

    I would have to disagree that the blue one looks anything like the studio colours – Trollblood base is a muted and dull blue, Trollblood highlight is actually pale grey!

    I love the final one anyhow, so all is good :D.

  6. vishalodedra Says:

    This looks awesome! Well done man, some cool moves with the Adeptus Battlegrey. So sombre but very nice.

    People will brick themselves when they see those bad boys. 😀

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