Peoples army – To Tier or not to tier


Hi all,

well that was unexpected i thought it would have been irusk or vlad for best caster but the people have spoken and eButcher it is with a wopping 23% of the vote.

now before we get down to jacks and units, just a reminder the army will be 35pts so just a quick vote to make it easier for future army selection, will it be a tier list or standard army?

this will only run until sun 25th so get your votes in quick


3 Responses to “Peoples army – To Tier or not to tier”

  1. jasefox Says:

    It is not a tier list, cause Butcher never cries. It is a theme list.

    Does he have Kossite Woodsmen in his theme?!?

  2. Procrastinator Says:

    hehe, no just doom reavers as troops.

    but how awesome would doom reavers be if they came on from any table edge!!!.

    looking at his tier list im really going o learn about frenzy control as you can technically have the whole army that can frenzy including a jack!

  3. James B Says:

    It’s all about the voices you either will or have in your head. Out of all the tiers so far ebutchers is the worst in my view.

    Purely because it’s simple brutal and effective, which is all the more reason to theme accordingly!

    Hope you do and remember the look on your opponents face will be priceless….

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