Vap-Attack Rematch – pSkarre vs The High Reclaimer


Battle report take 2! I wrote this up last week but just before posting internet explorer crashed, lesson learned: always write posts in Word first!

A few months back a gang of us guys from the guild went to a tounie in York at the vapnartak games show (aka vap-attack). All in all, we didn’t do great! I think I got 1 win out of 4… Anyway, 3rd round I was draw against Sam (aka CriticalSam because of his affinity for the Troll Impaler). It was a close game but, unfortunately, we didn’t have time to finish. So last Thursday (after a healthy amount of Mexican food, cerveza and tequila) the VAP-ATTACK REMATCH was on! So 35pts, my Menoth vs Sam’s Cryx, here are the lists:


2 x Slayers



Bane Thralls (full)

Bane Knights (min)

Mech Thralls (full)


This is a pretty scary list to see across the table, it seems like pSkarre does everything to me. Loads of focus from ritual sacrifice, accurate attacks from guided hand and a feat that makes the army solid to kill and hit like a ton of bricks. Pow 20 McThralls? 5 points for 10? Whats going on? My list looked like this:

The High Reclaimer



Choir (min)



Bastions (full)

2 x Knights Exemplar units

Rhoven’s crew

Although Silent Bob is generally pretty unpopular this is a High Reclaimer list that I’ve had a fair amount of success with in the past. We’re both running pretty infantry heavy and if you’re rolling less than 3 dice on damage rolls you’ve brought a damp paper towel to a gun fight.

We tossed off (tee hee) and Sam won and decided to go first, he set up like this. The McThralls screened the Bane Thralls and Tartarus was hanging in the back waiting to replenish the ranks when things go pear shaped. Bane Knights and Slayers on the left

For my deployment I bricked up behind the Bastions and the ‘jacks, a unit of Knight Exempar on each side, ready to smite those unholy abominations! Lets do this!

Sam’s First Turn: This was a very standard first turn. Everything ran, except the Skarlock who used ritual sacrifice on a McThrall to fuel Skarre next turn. I was pretty surprised at how far up the table his army had managed to get so quickly.

Pete’s First Turn: I had a scheme! Lets do something a little different. I put one focus on the Revenger and HR kept hold of the rest. The Vassal puts enliven on the Revenger which then ran right at Sam’s lines. The Bastions ran their mighty 8” and the Reckoner wandered up and lit rip with its cannon leaving a pair of mechanical legs where a McThrall used to be. The HR activates and wanders up, taking a point of focus off a Wrack and casting ashes to ashes through the Revenger onto the McThralls killing 4. That was a pleasant surprise, I’m not a massive fan of ashes to ashes generally, I always roll 1 for the arcs and then fail to beat armour. End of the first round and there where only 4 McThralls left, I knew they where the Bane delivery system but  still felt pretty happy with my progress.

Sam Turn 2: (+3 focus from ritual sacrifice) Sam started his second turn by asking for HR’s def/arm and then the Deathripper runs right up into my grill… erp. The Skarlock brings the McThralls down to 3 with another ritual sacrifice then the remaining 3 charge, 1 gets onto the Revenger while the other two run in my face. The McThrall runs at the Revenger and leaps at it, grasping the halberd and wrenching it with both mechanically augmented fists and tearing the right arm ball socket before it could duck out of the way. The McThrall had done 8 damage to column 5, exactly enough to take the right arm off, dang! The Bane Knights ran onto the flank, which made my brick feel a little bit nervous. Lastly, Skarre activates and arcs a couple of hellfires through the Deathripper onto HR. The first one missed but the second one connected dealing 6 damage. Ow, should have put them clouds up!

Pete Turn 2: Hmm, I’ve got Mechs and a Deathripper in my face and the Bane Thralls are starting to look excited. The Revenger gets 2 focus. The Bastions and the Reckoner deal with the McThralls and the Deathripper no problem and with the help of Rhoven and the Vassal the Reckoner pops a Bane Thrall. I decide to sacrifice the crippled Revenger to hold the left flank, although the arm was gone I figured that with the choir’s +2s and powerful charge for 10mat it shouldn’t struggle to hit. It charges the Slayers but only managed to put 1 damage on it, oh well, its in the way! Then HR puts up the trademark ash clouds to try to keep my lines safe from all of Sam’s weapon masters. That was my turn.

(the Revenger has been scrapped!)

Sam Turn 3: (+4 focus from ritual sacrifice)Sam started this turn by getting pretty emo about the Revenger’s repulsor shield, realising that 2 Slayers might actually struggle to take the thing down. Skarre activates first and feats! (I know that if I can survive the feat turn without too much carnage life will get easier) Skarre then throws out a couple of bloodrains which scatter and corrode a couple of Knights and a Bastion. Then the first Slayer activates and busts out a boosted pow27 combo strike on the Revenger which does 19 damage and takes out the shield meaning he can finish the Revenger off with the Slayer’s tusks. Then the Bane Thralls try to charge but not many can get into combat because of the clouds, they take out 1 Bastion. The Bane Knights decide to move off the flank to cover Skarre when the Bane Thralls inevitably crumble. Finally the Skarlock activates and uses ritual sacrifice on a Bane Thrall. So that was the feat turn and my only casualties where a Revenger which I purposely fed to him and a single Bastion, so as long as I can dent his army next turn and not leave myself in a brutal counter-attack situation I’ll be sitting happy! No small task.

Pete Turn 3:  (+1 focus from soul(s)) The first thing that needed doing on this turn was to fish out a single Bane Thrall who was positioned in such a way that it clogged up my Bastions and the Reckoner. Rhoven stepped up to the task and swung the staff of sulon through a gap leaving nothing but a pile of charred armour where the ethereal warrior had stood. Menoth be praised for reach weapons. I was now looking at something like 7 Bane Thralls, I wanted them all dead to restrict Tartarus’ options. The combined might of the Bastions and the Reckoner reduced the Bane Thralls to 1, typical. High Reclaimers clouds go up to reduce the Cryx counter attack.

Sam Turn 4: (+1 focus from ritual sacrifice) The first Slayer eats a Bastion. nom. Cheeky cheeky Tartarus activates and just advances through my clouds and swings his axe around his head instantly slaying 3 Knights Exemplar, reviving them as Bane Thralls who instantly charge the Reckoner taking out both arms and the cortex, damn weapon masters. Then the second Slayer kills another 2 Bastions, fortunately one was left to work the feat turn off.  Finally, after a poor roll for the focus last turn the Skarlock casts bloodrain killing 2 knights.

Pete Turn 4: (+7 focus from souls, at last!) I struggled slightly with this turn’s activation orders as everybody was in everybody else’s charge lanes. One unit of Knights Exempar took revenge for their fallen brothers putting some damage on Tartarus and killing a Bane Thrall. I then pull out a cheeky move with the High Reclaimer, targeting my Reckoner in the back with ashes to ashes the 3 Bane Thralls gathered around blow away in the breeze as ash. I then feat and bring back 3 Bastions and a Knight Exemplar who finishes off Tartarus. The Bastions kill the Skarlock and put some damage on a Slayer. Hmm, that wasn’t as good as expected, I was hoping those ‘jacks would be out of the way after that, this one could go either way!

Sam Turn 5: (this game is still going?!) So, one Slayer  finishes off the Reckoner and a Bastion, the  Bane Knights charge to free up the second Slayer who wanders up and eats a line of 4 guys, 2 Knights Exemplar, Rhoven and one of his buddies. My lines where starting to look pretty thin, I wasn’t convinced I could take out all those Bane Knights and the two ‘jacks who hadn’t taken very much damage.

Pete Turn 5: (+10 focus from souls) The High Reclaimer adds one to that from a Wrack and wanders up into ashes to ashes range of both Slayers. Casting it at the first one takes out 3 Bane Knights and at the second Slayer to take out a further 2 Bane Knights. That puts the A2A kill tally for this game at 4 McThralls, 3 Bane Thralls and 5 Bane Knights! This leaves all my weapon masters free to focus on the Slayers. The first goes down, the second is still standing with only Rhoven’s mate left to activate. Charge. Roll to hit – 3… miss! We where ready to move on when we realised that the Slayer’s movement system was out making an attack roll of 3 hit. The second Slayer goes down and it is surely the victory is Menoth’s as the Cryx are left with Skarre and a lone Bane Knight.

Sam Turn 6: Sam was going to concede but thought he may as well go down fighting. After humming and ah-ing about the possibility of HR being in range of a Bane Knight charge he activates Skarre. The Pirate Queen strolls up, gutting a choir boy in passing, and calls on her blood magic to let rip with a hellfire. She boosts to hit. No problem. High Reclaimer is sitting on 12 hit points so I’m not feeling too worried. Boost damage. 6-6-2. Thats 14 on 3 dice. Pow 13 against Arm 15. You do the maths….

Warmachine has a habit of doing ridiculous things, how often has a caster that should be dead been left standing with just 1 hit point? This is the sort of game where a redeemer rocket can hit Kaelyssa in the face while she is stood in the woods, right Jase? Lessons learned? Ashes to ashes is ace! I’ve always found it too hit and miss but with the amount of focus HR can generate he can clear a lot of troops with it. And always remember, its not over til the Pirate Queen gets a jammy damage roll!

There it is!


5 Responses to “Vap-Attack Rematch – pSkarre vs The High Reclaimer”

  1. bluecardinal Says:

    Nice battle report, I like the longer games. Its nice to see the High Reclaimer getting some press time. Have you tried Cleansers with him? Its fun resurrecting them and doing an incinerate.

    • petezilla Says:

      I have but I can’t quite remember what they did. I think I took them for an extra smoke cloud to allow my army to branch out a little. I may also try a more grunt/arc node heavy approach in future although I do get a bif frustrated by all the infantry that has to be crammed into a small space, something like this might be fun:
      The High Reclaimer
      Choir of Menoth (Leader and 3 Grunts)
      Flameguard Cleansers (Leader and 5 Grunts)
      Holy Zealots (Leader and 5 Grunts)
      Holy Zealot Monolith Bearer
      Knights Exemplar (Leader and 5 Grunts
      Temple Flameguard (Leader and 9 Grunts)
      Vassal of Menoth

      29 bodies? (not including the choir) I’m keen to try this out now, the zealots could GD and tie up the enemy front line while the rest catch up, then the carnage can commence!

  2. criticalsam Says:

    Awesome game. was so back and forth, thought i was a gonner about 3 times.

    I quite like that list and it did quite well at the tourney. As Pete said you cant go wrong with skarres feat and the double slayer works really nice. I couldnt touch him with the clouds up so I should have pushed the flanks out a bit more and spread his army so it wouldnt have been easy to brick up and hide behind the clouds.

    Clouds and invincible zealots sounds like an effort :/. Would probably work quite nice though.

    Oh and how out of date are those biscuits…. I mean terrain….

  3. criticalsam Says:

    Chocolates, not biscuits!

  4. petezilla Says:

    October 2008. Thats a pretty out of date “ruined house”

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