Short Intro!


Hey, I kinda realised that I randomly posted a model review without really introducing myself like the others did.

Im a player at the Chester club with the rest of the guys, apart from Jase that has now had to move away :(, and have been playing for about a year and a half. Fellow blogger Petezilla made it his personal mission to recruit me into the minatures world of Warmachine and I suppose he succeeded. I started off by getting into Trollbloods because the amount of models that were out for warmachine scared me slightly so I thought id start off with Hordes. I own a fair amount of the big blues but have only painted a handfull of them, one of them I might post about because im quite proud of my axer!

I played them for a fair few months and then a mixture of loosing quite a bit and the grasp of the privateer press business plan gripped me and I decided to get into Cryx  because everyone has to have a Hordes and Warmachine faction……..right?. I chose them because their playstyle probably differs the most to the Trollbloods. So now really my main faction is Cryx and I think they are awesome. Ive got a fair few models and have attended a few tournaments that I havent done too badly in.

On the painted list ive completed a Deathjack, Helldiver, Skarlock and a min unit of Bane Thralls ohhh and Epic Deneghra thanks to secret santa and Adam at the Chester club (the only minature hes ever painted… and I own it… and it has SHINY black paint… awesome).

So yeah… thats a little about me.


3 Responses to “Short Intro!”

  1. jasefox Says:

    Welcome Sam! Axe to Month!

  2. Adam Says:

    I’m tempted to save this post to my favourites, as it’s the only proof that I have actually fully painted something…

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