The Barbed Thorn Challenge results


So, there were many, many lists. Most were posted on the PP forums, And some posted here. The guys had a small debate, but in the end one list won out.

What is that list? I’ll quote the guys: “The one with Hoarluk and the Dygmies”

Here’s the list as written by Gython on the PP forums (link Here)
Hoarluk Doomshaper
3 longriders
4 Kriel Stone Bearers
10 pyg burrowers

My initial thoughts? Trollbloods.. Ugh… I recently attempted to paint a Calandra model for the Kog-Meister, and did a horrendously piss poor job of it. I didn’t even finish it because it beat me so.

I then looked at the models I would have to paint. I like Mulg, he’s awesome. I like the Hoarluk model aswell, and Horthol is super cool! I also get the chance to paint my first ever cavalry unit. I’m disappointed there’s no Fennblades, but that’s maybe something I can add in after the challenge.

Here’s the kicker, and I think the reason the guys have picked the list: Dygmies, or to normal people, Pygmy Burrowers (Pygmy’s, who dig, hence Dygmies). I’ve never seen these models before! I know of their rules, but never seen them! What a kicker, I’m sure I’ll have fun painting these Trolls.

The paint scheme is something I’m gunna play around with and test out, I have two ideas:
1. Dark Blue, bit like the studio scheme but a deeper blue.

2. A light Grey, basically working upto Adeptus battlegrey and hilights with a 50/50 mix of adeptus/fortress.

What about playing with the list?
Mulg is awesome, the Slag is also cool, I’m not sure about the Dygmies, or the Kriel Stone Bearers. I’ve been looking at Hoarluk’s stats and I think he looks pretty standard, nothing spectacular, and his feat seems very ‘meh’.

Any tips, advice, tactics, abuse or encouragement is all welcome. Hope Forge Games have got it all in stock!


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6 Responses to “The Barbed Thorn Challenge results”

  1. gdaybloke Says:

    Hey, I *tried* to give you a list with Fennblades, don’t come crying to me 😉

    Welcome to the Kriels, dude!

  2. Hjelmen Says:

    Fun list! I’m looking forward to seeing what you make of it 😀

  3. SamP Says:

    Good list good faction! Not 100% on the slag, I think you can have an axer for the same points? But the list is still badass

  4. jasefox Says:

    Ok, I’m gunna post a comment on my own post here to just point out how excellent the service from Forge Games has been for me.

    I emailed him the list this morning, he sent me a invoice about lunch which I promptly paid, and i’ve just been informed that the models are already in the post! How fricking awesome is that?!?

    Short of delivering them by hand, I couldn’t have asked for a better service!

  5. Procrastinator Says:

    Dude he is ace, emailed him on Sunday for the khador book, emails back saying he was at that event in Sheffield so he’ll keep a book for me and gets the invoice sent that night an email today to say it’s in the post, the Dude still sorts you out on a Sunday when he’s running a stall at an event 😮 I mean wtf!!!

  6. Doctor KoG Says:

    Dude, sort it out, Forge Games hand delivers my stuff! 🙂

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