People’s Army challenge – Warcaster


Hi all again,

well i must say that was close on 2% diffence for the top 3 armies. thank you to all that voted.

now as i know what army i will be doing the khador book will be ordered pronto from forge-games and now i leave you with the wonderfully difficult decision of what caster to choose.

now before you vote dont forget to leave your recommendations on either the comments or the linked pp forum page as your opinion could sway a voter which could make all the difference.

also i know everyone has their favourite warcaster but for this the idea is that they must be flexible to take on as much as possible (ie be the best caster if you can only choose one and don’t know the opponent). also a second vote to see if we should add the faithful companion.

right then i will stop typing and let you cast your vote.

also poll closes on the 23rd of april



5 Responses to “People’s Army challenge – Warcaster”

  1. petezilla Says:

    100% Old witch. 100% No Wardog. Yes!

    • petezilla Says:

      Yeah, Old Witch, why? Flipping solid spell list.
      Avatar of slaughter, lets her(probably not the best idea) or scrappy eat units
      Gallows has got some nifty board control options and helps out Khador’s slow jacks
      Iron flesh….its iron flesh (or slippy flesh…)
      Murder of crows is a bit meh but not useless, nout wrong with a cloud to cover your advance
      Unseen path’ll let you get away with some shenanigans
      and weald secrets is ok.
      Plus, she is old, so she can join the old man fight with sevvy and nemo and rahn and doomshaper.

  2. Adam Says:

    I’ll throw in my WEALTH of experience here 😛
    OW is deceptively solid mate, and a hell of a lot of fun to play, plus she has (unless im mistaken) one of the largest threat ranges out of the casters (something between 21″ and 26″ depending on focus burned doing it).
    Anywho, I very rarely play her, so if you’re going to muscle in on my territory at the club, might as well bring something different!

  3. jasefox Says:

    eButcher in the lead! I’m surprised, I think you’ll hate playing him Chris, you always moan about luck abandoning you, and eButch is luck based focus!

    I voted for eSorscha for two reasons:
    1. I think she’s Khador’s best caster for the way she buffs Winterguard and her feat…
    2. I won’t have to play you for a long time, so I don’t really mind!

    • Procrastinator Says:

      from what i can gather he will always have enough for his two upkeeps so additional is luck based. im sure he will be a challenge but we will see how he goes.

      i must admit looking though the kahdor army book i think i will move onto vlad or irusk as i quite like the the look of the iron fangs in general nd they have enough models to theme an army round just them.

      alhough i see what you mean with sorcha aswell. wow to many things to choose from (good thing im not for this challenge)

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