Skarlock Goodness


Ok so I’ve chosen a cryx 2 point solo… The Skarlock because I think he is a sweet looking model and can be quite versatile for his points.

Now i’ve only really played Cryx since MKII which in a way gives me a fresh new analysing head upon my shoulders and means I won’t be saying things like ‘I rarely even take him anymore, I only use him with Skarre, Denegra, Asphyxious, epic Denny….. Well basically every caster I did before MKII, but damn you privateer press!’

So for those of you who don’t know, the Skarlock is able to cast one of the warcasters spells so long as it isn’t over 3 focus or has a range of self or control. They aren’t allowed to arc this spell through a node which I kinda wish you were able to do but ah well.

I’ll describe a few of the roles that I usually have him playing and a typical list that I include him in.

The first is with pGaspy, one of my favourite casters so far. I tend to take a few arc nodes with him so that he can deliver his pretty badass spell list to the enemy but I also bring a good number of models that have good mele capabilities as scything touch (+2 to attack and damage rolls) can be used to great advantages and is one of my favourite spells.

pGaspy likes to fling spells about so he likes to keep as much focus as possible and this is where the Skarlock comes in. I usually have him play a very defensive role and basically use him to cycle scything touch. You can cast it on a unit first turn, next turn upkeep it for 1, attack with this unit and then cast it on another model/unit. Gaspy can then cast it on something else, so that is 3 things that can have +2 to attack and damage in one turn… Pretty sweet.

Aswell as casting buffs he can also throw out Gaspys a Breath of Corruption, Hellfire or Parasite which is awesome. He’s also DEF 14 so you have to put some energy into getting rid of him. It’s possible to get off 5 Breath of Corruptions On Gaspys feat turn with the Skarlock which is pretty badass.

He obviously also works very well with the likes of denegra and getting those critical debuffs off on the enemy but I enjoy the synergy he’s got with Gaspy.

So all in all he’s definately worth the points, there is obviously lists that I wouldn’t take him in but he usually pulls his weight.

Heres my Skarlock that i painted up today. I havent really mastered the art of minature photography yet.


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