Harbinger Tier List


Wow, well here is a tier list that might actually be used!

I’ve not got the Harbinger, her model scares me, so I don’t know her well but this is looking pretty do-able. There are pretty standard model restrictions but none of the tiers ask you to take 7 units of zealots. I’m not sure why I would want to field more than 2 paladins. The starting roll bonus could be useful, I guess. The walls, meh. I guess the ol’ gal herself can sit behind one all game. -1 point to heavy jacks without ranged weapons! My word! Lets look at what that means:

Castigator – 7 points (probably priced right now!)

Crusader – 5 points…….wow.

Guardian – 8 points

Templar – 7 points, its a steal!

Lets not forget that the Harbinger is giving her friends +2″ on charges, that 7 point castigator with a 10″ threat range is starting to look mighty tempting. The only contentious point is no Vassals! But, there will be a few mechanics running around no doubt, I wonder how long it takes to kill the Avatar and the Templar when two mechanics are following them around…


3 Responses to “Harbinger Tier List”

  1. jasefox Says:

    Not long when you’ve got Mage hunter assassins doing 18 points of damage to the Avatar!! Haha!

  2. petezilla Says:

    I played Sam last night and a charging combo-striking slayer under Skarre’s feat did less damage to my revenger than that mage hunter did to the avatar. It was a pow 27 or something attack!

  3. SamP Says:

    That’s looking pretty sweet man. Can’t wait to see what the cryx book has got!

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