The People’s army – New project


Inspired by my colleague Jase, but unfortunately without his level of madness ive decided to postpone my dirty dozen until drake rears his handsome chin, mainly due to the fact that im still trying to figure out how it works and it’s not very flexible(ie only works at 35pts).

also with me being relatively new to warmahordes and waiting for the new shiny cards for my circle to arrive i thought i would have a main faction for warmachine. now in our group i think we have the main 5 well covered so no real problems with overlapping.

but as im relatively new and havent figured out all the nuances of the game yet i thought this would be a brilliant time to combine all your military now how into one force.

so is born the peoples army, this concept is simple I will be running a poll  each week, so initially it will be the faction, then warcaster, then jack and so on. also as the weeks progress im hoping people will put forward their argument for the choice to sway others in the poll results. I’ll also open a post on the privateer press forum for you to leave you comment and suggestions(and arguments to sway potential voters).

first post here

The idea being that as weeks progress the army will grow but will also be chosen to create the ultimate army for world domination( hmmm maybe not).

so that all important choice which faction ill put the poll up here and announce the decision on the 18th and get the next poll i.e the casters up for the following week.

happy voting



7 Responses to “The People’s army – New project”

  1. bluecardinal Says:

    Where’s Mercenaries? 🙂

  2. Procrastinator Says:

    ive not included the mercs as im currently doing a dirty dozen syle army seperately, and wanted to get involved with the main factions. also i can use the faction models i have with this new army.

  3. Rhul Says:


  4. Peter Buxton Says:

    Mercs are not a faction 🙂

  5. Owen Says:

    I have Khador, Cryx and Mercs (Privateers), but I just voted for Cryx. All factions are fun, but Cryx have so much diversity that you won’t be easily bored.


  6. Andy Says:

    Do you have a preference for whether the new army is a bit similar or radically different to the Circle? Because Khador would be the most different and probably Cryx the most similar.

    • Procrastinator Says:

      well the idea is that this is the peoples army, so my opinion doesnt matter.

      the idea of this is to say at the end that this is the combined choices of the gaming community and the best army that they decided with there collective wisdom. also because you will only be allowed the one choice of caster/units as a all comer army i will be interested to see what people feel overall stands out.

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