The Barbed Thorn Challenge


Barbed Thorn needs you!!

Ok people, I’d like YOU to set ME a challenge. Here’s the outlines of the challenge and what you need to do:

Outline: in one month I will build and paint one 35 point list that will be written by you, and picked by the rest of the authors of Barbed Thorn.

What you need to do:
1. Pick a faction that’s not Retribution

2. Pick a caster/warlock that’s rarely used/considered non-competitive

3. Make a 35pt list that has at least 2 Jacks/beasts, no more than 2 full units (you may include any number of minimum units) and no duplicates! (so no more than one of each model/unit)

4. Post your list here in a comment on this post OR email it to Urcaen[at]gmail[dot]com!

Here’s how it will go down:
On Monday the 19th April the other Authors will pick a list, hopefully there will be more than one.
Tuesday the 20th I will order my models from Forge Games, and hopefully he will have everything in stock, or be able to get it me by the end of April!

Starting May 3rd (3 weeks Monday) I will start painting the models (assembly can happen as soon as I get the models) and by 31st May hopefully it will all be done!

This is adventurous for me for two reasons:
1. I’m moving to Portsmouth next week and will be starting a new job
2. I have a short attention span when it comes to painting models, and tend to flit from model to model.

So there it is guys, I’m looking forward to seeing some of your lists, and hearing some of your put downs telling me how I’m never gunna get this done.

All I can say is: I’m gunna Paint like I got a Pair!!



11 Responses to “The Barbed Thorn Challenge”

  1. gdaybloke Says:

    Any faction?

  2. Peter Buxton Says:

    What, even Unicorns?

    And I am sure you will get it done, it’s not like you are Adam of anything like that…..

  3. bluecardinal Says:

    Is there a limit on heavy infantry and cavalry? I’m thinking a fulll unit of Bastions and Vengers would be a lot to handle. Throw Gravus into the mix, and you’ll be painting til 2 am in the morning. 🙂

    Seriously though, I’ll make a list and send it in. This is a great idea.

  4. gdaybloke Says:

    In keeping with you and I sharing factions, I’m going to say:

    Hoaluk Doomshaper, Shaman of the Gnarls
    – Earthborn Dire Troll
    – Dire Troll Mauler
    – Troll Axer
    Trollkin Fennblades (10)
    Fell Caller Hero
    Stone Scribe Chronicler
    Troll Whelps
    Saxon Orrick

  5. Forge Games Phil Says:

    ‘Baldurs Boulders’

    Baldur the Stonecleaver

    Druid Stoneward & Woldstalkers
    Sentry Stones & Mannikins
    Shifting Stones
    War Wolf

    Must admit I have chosen things that are quick and easy to paint! Undercoat black then a few layers of grey drybrushing!!!

  6. Barbed Thorn Challenge « Forge Games Says:

    […] […]

  7. bluecardinal Says:

    Here goes….a nice Four Star Syndicate with fun models to put together 😉

    Thor Steinhammer
    Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters – max unit
    Steelhead Halberdiers – max unit
    Steelhead Heavy Cavalry – min unit
    Stannis Brocker

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