So I’m sure people are generally aware that the stats for the Protectorate’s new caster, Vindictus, have been leaked, so what have we got?

The incredible ranged super-solo and ‘jack support of Starbuck?

The mental movement shenanigans of Stroke-Off?

Or the general coolness/denial of Skeletor?

Nope, we’ve got a steaming heap of bland.

For fear of getting sued I’ll give a vague rundown.

Pretty average stats generally, good speed, ok mat and pretty nice def/arm.

His weapons are pretty limp pow wise, one is blessed, one is chain. Can you guess which is which?

The abilities we already knew, pathfinder which is nice I guess and death toll and sacrificial pawn with zealots. Without reach he wont be making many zealots and he’ll get himself killed trying, sacrificial pawn is kinda cool, it’ll stop him taking a head-shot from Starbuck and it’ll be mildly amusing on the zealot’s mini-feat turn as the shot will get redirected to an invincible zealot!

So-far so-meh. So lets get onto the spells, he is kinda scrawny and old-man looking he must be a spell casting monster! Oh, wait, focus 6. Maybe not.  He has 3 fairly random spells and 2 really nice ones.

Immolation, is a basic offensive spell, meh.

Sac lamb, lets him kill his guys to fuel his ‘jacks. Ok I guess but it kinda clashes with his main focus as we’ll see

Rift, 4″ aoe offensive that puts down rough terrain, this looks pretty cool on him as he appears to be our board control/mobility caster but he doesn’t really have the resources to cast it unless you have a hierophant and the wracks in your list, this is because of his awesome spells which you’ll be casting/upkeeping all game

Protection of Menoth (aka defenders ward) legendary spell! The only problem is figuring who to put it on! Do you want an arm23 Templar or Avatar wandering about? Def 17 daughters? Def15/arm19 TFG? Arm 18 Bastions? Can’t go too far wrong with this one.

Finally, his only original spell- True Path, a +2 movement boost and pathfinder to all warrior models starting in his control area. This is why Sac lamb is a little out of place, he wants a load of infantry, the ‘jacks’ll get left behind and he’ll need several to make it worthwhile. I guess they could come second wave but lower than 50pt games I think I’d take minimal ‘jacks with him. This is the spell that might make him really good, does any other caster give such a broad speed boost? All those terrifying knights are spd 7 now, bastions have an 11″ threat, a unit of cinerators that has been damaged can advance 8″ and charge 11″. TFG and zealot’s have 13″ threat and daughters 12″. Things like Errants and Idrians are moving really far before shooting, I think Idrians will be spd 10″ if they start near their pray! If he could afford to put a couple of rifts out, upkeep defenders ward and cast true path we could be playing PoM like some kind of heavily armored circle army! I am intrigued to see how this plays out in the long run, he should be able to get the jump on most opponents and play an alpha-strike army which is definitely different for PoM, and once he has stripped away the enemy front line…

feat: Penitence. If you damage any of our guys with an attack you take a point of damage. (thresher and kill 6 guys – 1 point of damage, its per attack) This is a pretty interesting feat and it will be interesting to see how it works out on the table. If facing a jack heavy force its pretty pointless but that horde of banes is getting nervous. What is nice is that it works against ranged attacks too!

So overall, I’m pretty underwhelmed by Vin Diesel but I think he will be fairly powerful on the board if a little boring. Rush enemy. Feat. Grind it out.

in a bit


ps- I’ve started work on bastion no.3, these guys are such a massive effort to paint!


2 Responses to “….urgh…*groan*”

  1. Peter Buxton Says:

    It could be worse Pete, you could be playing Cryx and get a really bad caster.

    No wait, sorry, Venethrax is awesome!!!!

    Back on topic, he is very Meh, and is convincing me more and more to stray away from the Menite faithful and in to the arms of the Dragon Lord.

  2. petezilla Says:

    When his tier list turns out to be awesome do you want to sell me a few of the a hundred million they-where-ace-in-mk1-zealots that you’ve got stashed away in the cavernous geek cave?

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