Lich Lord Venethrax


Ok, so I wanna take a moment of time to write about lich lord Venethrax.

For those who don’t know, Lich Lord Venethrax is the new Cryx caster coming in the FOW Cryx book, his card was exclusively put out in the PP newsletter, if you haven’t seen it yet I’ve attached it below.

Now I used to play Cryx (when I say Cryx, I pretty much played Goreshade due to not liking the playstyle of the other casters), and I never really liked the other Lich lords. Asphyxious felt like a mad scientist, like the Viktor Von Doom of the Scharde islands. Terminus I quite liked the idea of, our beatface caster, but after seeing him played he’s very much not a beatface caster, not to mention the model looks retarded, I mean come on what is with that pose!

So when I heard that the new caster was another Lich Lord, I was a little disapointed. Then they previewed his model, and I loved it. Yeh, I know it looks like Skeletor, I know he’s in that funny Yawn pose that Gerlak is in (I happen to like this pose), but I don’t care, I like it and am looking forward to painting it.

Then they released his rules, omfg.

First, I want to say that due to the little blurb of fluff that was put out we found out that this guy was into draconic lore and stuff, so we were eagerly awaiting a caster that, quite simply put, Beat Legion. The reality was so much better.

Let’s analyse him then. First place I looked was his stats, mat 8 is pretty nice, focus 7 is cool, def 15 arm 16 is pretty cool aswell. So already he has nice beat-face caster stats. P+S 14 reach weapon? Cool! He feels a little like Vyros! He can cull souls, which is awesome, and something you’d expect from every lich lord really. Then comes the good stuff: Caustic Presence [Corrosion] holy shit man! This guy is the Feora of Cryx! He’s gunna punk 1 wound warrior models, but we’ll get to that in a bit… Then he has Dismember, which means he gets an additional die when hitting warbeasts! Oh snap, there it is, but instead of being Legion specific, this guy owns all Hordes! Awesome! But yet there’s more to come…

I’m gunna talk about his feat before I talk about his spell list, his feat is called Charnel Flames. Basically it means that when an enemy living model dies in Venethrax’s ctrl area he explodes into a 3″ ball of flame that blocks LOS, even for eyeless sight (screw you legion), this cloud effect does 1 point of fire damage if you walk through it, and it lasts for one round, meaning that models will still pop the cloud even if the die from corrosion! Awesome! This could royally destroy someones next turn if it goes off right.

Finally, his spell list. This spell list made my pants tighten, moreso than Strahkovs did. It’s a freaking awesome spell list! And he has new spells aswell! Awesome! Let’s get to them:

Blood rain: Ah! That’s where the Corrosion comes from! Standard AOE damage spell that causes corrosion.

Dragon Slayer: At first I thought ‘Yes! Our anti Legion spell!’, then I read it, +2 Str and Arm, pretty good, gives you a P+S 16 weapon and Arm 18, but the vest part of this spell is that any warbeasts that Venny caps give up all their fury to him, and he converts them to focus! Holy Christ! This means this guy can cast this spell, charge a Warbeast, probably beat it down (He’s an effective P+S 16 weapon master versus beasts) then steal all the fury and camp it! Couple this with the new blood hag (the one that stops healing/transferring/tough) and you pretty much own Hordes face. I think that every club should have a house rule that whenever this spell is cast the player has to play a riff on their air guitar.

Hellfire: Standard long range damage spell that causes cmd checks.

Lamentation: what?!? You gotta be kidding me! This spell is freaking awesome, it’s just such a shame that it can’t be up aswell as Dragon Slayer, it’llbe up all the time vs. Warmachine however. A brilliant way to neuter the enemy.

Soul Harvester: a useful low cost spell that means the unit/model you cast it on gives you soul tokens if they kill anything this turn, good for stopping TOM armies, and for building your focus up for a next turn beat face!

What would I run with Venthrax?
First off, arc nodes. Probably one, maybe 2 at a push, and they would both be the corrosion spray arc node. Secondly, I’d run some cheap low def infantry, that way I can run them into the midst of the enemy troops and cast Blood rain on them, helps get past the spread deployment. I’d run some beatstick infantry with him, things like Bane thralls with new UA, these will serve the job of gathering souls. The new Blood hag that I spoke of before would go really well with Venny, but not sure I’d include her, mainly because I like my friends. As for heavies? I’mnot sure anything really comes to mind, I can’t remember if the mkII slayer still has crit corrosion, if he does he’d be good (and cheap), or even the crab jack with thresher.

I’m interested in hearing what everyone else’s thoughts are on this guy. I’m excited by him, and i’m now regretting selling my Cryx.


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8 Responses to “Lich Lord Venethrax”

  1. D.Vader Says:

    The feat converts any model destroyed into a 3 inch AoE cloud, not just living enemies. 😉

  2. SamP Says:

    He looks pretty awesome. Will deffo be picking up one of these badboys. He seems pretty versatile with his awesome spells. I’m interested to see how the feat actually turns out in a game situation

  3. Petezilla Says:

    His feat is going to mean a whole afternoon of cutting out 3″ Aoes!

  4. SamP Says:

    Haha yeah

  5. Peter Buxton Says:

    I love Cryx.

  6. Andy Says:

    The feat being just “models” is a bit key. It means you can place friendlies so that if they are killed to open charge/shooting lanes they turn into clouds, still blocking LOS. It also means enemies can pop your models to make clouds. Exactly how long the clouds last isn’t yet answered by the devs, it’s possible any made on the enemies turn will hang around till yours if the clouds last a round.

    Lastly I noticed This and Morvanhas feat’s have an interesting dynamic – whoever pops first effectively halves the duration of the opponents since only the active player’s feat will have any effect (both having the same trigger and being mutually exclusive on most models) so hey, Feat Chicken.

    On a more general note, he makes me think “try not to bring infantry vs Cryx” which was starting to be a thought before but is becoming more solid now!

  7. Chuck Burke Says:

    I play tested him last weekend using my Gorshade model. I fought a Menoth player using Feora. I had to make 20 3″ circles and that was not enough. I had Vex a Deathjack,2 Seethers, 2 Bonejacks, 30 Bile Thralls, 2 Pistol Wraiths, 2 Warwitch Sirens, The Withershadow Combine and a Scarlock. With his Feat and Bill Thralls Purgeing was nice to see Feora go down in Flames and corrosion

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