18 points of damage to the Avatar? Wtf?


It’s late and I’m tired, I’ll do a proper write up tomorrow, but for now here’s a pic of my MHA alt sculpt finished…

So as you can see, I painted up my beautiful alt sculpt MHA, there are two reasons behind why I painted it up in this busy busy time of my life…
1. This model was very kindly gifted to me by our local press ganger (and fellow author Doctor Kog)
2. It did 18(!) fricking damage to the Avatar the other day! Hell yeah!!

So here’s my guide on how I painted this model. Bear in mind I used GW paints on this model, it’s easy to find alternatives for some of them, but a couple are slightly unique…

1: I sprayed the model black

2: I gave pretty much the whole model a base coat of Charadon granite

3: I then applied a very heavy Badab black wash

4: I re-hilighted some of the cloth (but not the straps) with Charadon granite

5: I then continued to highlight the cloth with Catachan green, using thin continuous layers.

6: I picked out all the areas that I wanted White, you can choose not to use White but I wanted to tie it into the rest of my army. I gave all these areas a base coat of Dheneb stone.

7: the dheneb stone then got a coat of space wolves grey, then layered 50/50 SWG and skull White, with a final layered highlight of skull White.

8: I painted all the skin Tallarn flesh, this is a mistake I made and I had to go back and touch up areas i’d done before. In hindsight I should have done the flesh before the cloth badab black wash.

9: I washed the skin with badab black, and the highlighted it (with very very thin watery layers) with the tallarn flesh. I then picked out the eyes with skull White and picked out the pupil with badab black.

10: I picked out the bags with scorched brown, and highlighted them with calthan brown.

11: the chain was painted with Chainmail, and washed with (again) badab black, the re-highlighted with chainmail again.

12: the hair was painted with 50/50 enchanted blue mix, then highlighted lightly with Ice blue, and a final highlight with Space wolves grey.

13: finally the glow was added to the chain with a 33/33/33 mix of snot green, hawk turquoise and p3 mixing medium.

And then I was done! You’ll notice the base isn’t completely finished, I’m thinking of putting a tutorial on how I do my bases pretty soon (it’s all thanks to Doc Kog again).


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One Response to “18 points of damage to the Avatar? Wtf?”

  1. JS Says:

    Hahahaha… that is an awesome post title šŸ™‚

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