Good Friday Special


On a day when the Christian world celebrates tourture…. Wracks!

And a Goomba!

These guys definately go into the, looks-better-at-a-distance camp as far as the paint job is concerned. They’re kinda messy as painting skin is a bit hit or miss for me. I always say I’ll go back and tidy things up when I make mistakes but I never do. I left the dangly incense things off because I wasn’t too sure how to get them on and they’re destined to come off while in the case, these guys already take up enough case real estate for 1 point anyway!

I like wracks. They are our filler 1 point model. And they look cool. Who couldn’t use an extra point of focus? The likes of the High Reclaimer and our 6 Foc ‘jack casters Reznik and Amon certainly like em. Combo with the hierophant and your caster can give out all his focus to ‘jacks, draw a point from a wrack and still cast a 2foc spell, just try not to blow yourself up. I don’t especially advise throwing them with your castigator.

Funny story. My housemate dabbles in the Circle and we had a game; Kaya vs Reznik a while back. It was pretty tight and various types of tharn where causing my Errants and Bastions all kinds of trouble. Kaya was pretty close to my front line but hiding behind a random block which made her real difficult to get to. I spy an opportunity! Reznik casts perdition and fries a bloodtracker, the reckoner wanders up (out of activation, perdition rocks) and then activates and goes round the corner to thwack Kaya a couple of times leaving her on like 3 health. Kaya’s turn, she spirit doors away and an argus keeps the reckoner as tied up as possible. Now, Reznik and a diminishing contingent of Examplars are staring down a full unit of Tharn ravagers, need to end this quick! Reznik wanders up and single handedly slays 3 ravagers, wracking one and placing the wreck near Kaya. I take the point, roll for the explosion, 4. The wrack is still  there. Crap. What now? I’ve got 1 Errant left, heroic suicide charge on the wrack! ‘Anything but’ to hit…. Double 1…. Crap. You’re gonna get laughed at in the afterlife! What now? I’ve got one choir boy left? Heroic suicide charge! Boom! Pow 14 damage roll on Kaya’s lame arm 13.  Choir boy shames Errant with glorious death. Reznik looks smug.


ps, you can tell I’m home from uni I’m doing the painting-hermit thing again. Might try and get another bastion done next… urgh.


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