“This guys got that thing where if you hit him he shuffles off.”


Wowee! Its update madness on the Thorn nowadays!


I want to start this painting update with some thoughts on the Protectorate. I’ve heard on various podcasts as of late that the Protectorate are right up there as potentially the most powerful faction in the game. Then I look at our army and wonder ‘where are our A-game, butt-clenchingly terrifying casters?’ This might be a little bit of the-grass-is-always-greener syndrome but where  is my equivalent to eHaley, Seige, eCaine, both flavours of Denegra, Skarre and Vlad and Stroke-off? Appart from pKreoss and maybe eFeora our casters don’t seem to stack up. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Pommys and I’m not sure I could quite get on with a different Warmachine faction. This is almost completely because, although our casters may not be quite ultra-b0rken like the rest, we have the most incredible gang of squishy guys that follow all  our armies around making our ‘jacks dance. Any Protectorate caster can make our ‘jacks stupid-good, I don’t know how the rest of you guys manage with mat 6 jacks that just sit there and let themselves get punched in the face!

So here he is, one day and several podcasts later the first of my pair of captive Cynarians is done:

You read right. Graphics!

There is nothing like spending all day painting a model only to take a picture of it and realise how horrible it looks!

I enjoyed painting this guy, probably because there isn’t too much white on him…. its unfortunate that the white that is on him turned out pretty crappy. Although you cant see it in these pics my favorite parts on this guy turned out to be the browns on his legs. I used a fair few layers and they turned out pretty rich. It was kind of a practice run as I want to put a lot of brown on the zealots when I get to  them to give them a more peasant-y look than the proper military flameguard or knights. No bronze on this guy… he doesn’t deserve it.

The plan was to write some kind of tactical advise or tips or whatever for the vassal but we all know what this guy does. If you play the Protectorate you love him, if not you hate him. If its got a gun he makes it shoot again, if not enliven means that this ‘jack will be wandering off as soon as you put damage on it. A couple of people at the Royal Guild have started to get wise to headbutting an enlivened ‘jack before laying into it (I’m looking at you Andy) so I may have to start taking the covenant more often to compensate for that!

After going to the tourny at Vap-attack and seeing how much fear and carnage eThagrosh and Typon lists where causing I realised that we could go one better with 2 Repenters, 2 Vassals and the choir whapping out 4 pow 14 rat 7 sprays a turn. Thats something to mull over and the height of my game breaking tactical advise for today.

So, since we signed up to the Iron Agenda blogging thingymabob we’ve had a lot more folk checking out our blog and I have a question for our readers, I want to get a bit of a poll going. As this is a post about the Protectorate support stuff I want to know which of our support is most loved/hated. For the non-Protectorate players: If you could wipe out one of the Protectorate support pieces and condemn it to the deepest darkest corner of Urcaen never to be seen again, which would it be? For  the faithful: If you where stranded on a desert island…. where they played a lot of warmachine..? and you could only take one support piece with you, which would it be?



13 Responses to ““This guys got that thing where if you hit him he shuffles off.””

  1. gdaybloke Says:

    Whelps. They’re tasty.

  2. Neal B Says:

    Its the choir that makes me sigh the most when it gets taken out, but at least there are several members singing.

    As a support solo, I am always gutted when Anastacia D’bray gets taken out, or forgotten about. She always seems to have so much potential to allow your stuff to move and attack again, until people really focus, and take her out.

  3. Adam Says:

    I have much hate for the big book of no knockdown. The rest are fine becasuse at least they don’t take 5 hits to kill them.

  4. bluecardinal Says:

    As a Protectorate player, it has to be the Vassal. The guy has so much utility that when he does get taken out, it’s very noticeable. Really, I can’t wait until the Menofixer comes out. He’s going to be a good one point filler.

  5. Procrastinator Says:

    I think the choir would get dropped of a cliff for me, anything that can just stop one part of the games rules is bad for me. “what those guys singing kyle minogue over there mean i cant shoot my gun, DAMN YOU KYLIE”

  6. SamP Says:

    Yeah gotta be the choir for me. No magic….. WTF? May aswell just say no cryx allowed on the table

    • jasefox Says:

      See I disagree with this, because Cryx beatsticks like bane thralls don’t need any help to hit PoM jacks.

      Cryx magic generally does one of two things, buffs troops or debuffs enemy. For the times when your magic debuffs don’t work, just throw passive debuffs on em, like dark shroud etc.

      Though +2’s is a pain in the ass.

  7. SamP Says:

    Yeah but a lot of debuff spells are built for crippling the high armour of the jacks… Parasite, crippling grasp etc. With thralls you can be throwing at -10 and that’s still a tall order even for wepon masters!

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