Pink is not a propper liturgical colour!


So tonight saw a civil war within the boarders of the Protectorate as the young upstart Feora decides to repaint her warjack consignment in a more sassy and feminine colour. The Grand Scrutator will have none of this!

This evening I played a game against Neal B, a fellow Protectorate player who I met almost a year ago at a tourny in Manchester. It turned out that he went to uni down the road from my parents house and I go to uni down the road from his parents house so I’ve taken to giving him a nudge when I’m down.

After discovering that I had a perfect 4″ by 4″ board stashed in the big-back-bedroom we where away playing 35pts. My list was a variation on Severius list which I’ve had a lot of success with (the only game it has lost was against a questionable assassination run from eCaine) here it is:

Grand Scrutator Severius

Choir of Menoth Min
Flameguard Cleansers
Holy Zealots Full
Holy Zealot Monolith Bearer
Visgoth Juviah Rhoven & 2 Honor Guard
High Paladin Dartan Vilmon
Vassal of Menoth
In my experience the Templar is an absolute star with at least 3 caster kills under his belt for me so far (eCaine, Vyros and Old Witch) and the Guardian does double duty as an arc node and a heavy, both having reach is pretty useful. What makes this list hum is the fact that Sev’s spell Eye of Menoth (+1 to attack and damage rolls in his control area) puts cleansers and zealots at a really sweet spot – rat6 pow13 sprays and rat7 pow 15 bombs. Vilmon went in to give me some table time with him before I do a write up and Rhoven went in for the fun of it… what can I say, I love the underdog. Neal’s list looked like this:
Feora, Protector of the Flame
Redeemer (bonded)
Choir of Menoth Min
Flameguard Cleansers Min
Holy Zealots Min
Holy Zealot Monolith Bearer
Temple Flameguard Full
Temple Flameguard Officer & Standard
Anastasia di Bray
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth

Neal had asked if he could borrow my Vanquisher to try it out but I sort of regretted giving it to him when I saw this on the opposite side of  the table! He had the Redeemer, the Vanquisher, the TFG and the Cleansers all causing auto fire so eFeora was going to have a field day.  Our infantry choices mirrored each other and Neal was tempted to deploy his Cleansers across from mine to see what happens when 2 fire immune units go against each other with flamethrowers. Neither of us had good answers to the fire immune cleansers to be fair. Neal won the starting roll and let me go first our deployment looked like this:

"They call themselves Menites? I heard they touch each-others bums!"

My ‘jacks where in the middle with the cleansers on the left and the zealots on the right. His cleansers where on the right (away from  mine) with the zealots, the TFG in the middle and the ‘jacks on the left.

Round 1!

(End of Round 1) Mr Zealot probably needs some new Zealot pants now.

My Turn: Standard first turn.  After some feverish prayers of damnation against the gaudy heretics everything ran up. I spaced the Zealots out to try and minimize damage from Redeemer and Vanquisher AoEs. Sevvy put up eye of menoth and protection of menoth went on the zealots (technically defenders ward but it’ll always be protection of menoth in my heart). It puts the Zealots at Def14 Arm 14 but when one is killed the Arm jumps up to 18. Nice!

Neal’s Turn: Neal advanced more cautiously (you don’t have much choice with shield wall troop which is why I’m swinging more towards the zealots as a meat shield). The cleansers let rip an incinerate which scattered directly towards the targeted zealot but fortunately stopped a half inch away, phew! I thought it was going to be a repeat of Jase’s jammy phoenix shot. The Redeemer managed to take out 2 of my cleansers and a zealot, the cleansers where bunched up because I assumed the redeemers AoEs where fire based… apparently not.


Note the "Crazy-Choir-Conga" thats the sort of frivolousness the colour pink inspires, even in the most devout faithful!

My Turn: I was in that awkward position where you’re not close enough to do any worthwhile damage but you know your opponent will have a good opportunity to rip big chunks of your army out. First I moved the cleansers up (more spaced out than before) and a couple of them combo-ed on the Redeemer doing something like 9 damage if I remember right. Vilmon wandered to  the edge of the forest and went into impervious wall, ideally I wanted him to walk up and engage one of Neal’s ‘jacks and then impervious wall effectively taking it out of the game but he was in a good spot to pounce if that opportunity didn’t come up. The Zealots were forced to run up into Neal’s grill and pop greater destiny, they where now immune from damage although I’m not sure Neal’s fire causing weapons where too bothered by that. Everything else ran up, the Guardian was ready to arc ashes to ashes in case Neal’s Zealots popped greater destiny too and the choir gave no shooty to the ‘jacks. That was pretty much my turn, it was then that I remembered why I brought Rhoven’s crew. I knew Neal would be using the Vanquisher and setting everything on fire but Rhoven has an ability that causes continuous effects to immediately expire which in theory totally ball-slaps an eFeora army unfortunately after getting Jase to scour the rule book, Feora’s ability which stops fires going out wins against Rhoven’s anti-continuous effect ability. Bum.

Neals Turn: Neal had a lot of Zealots in his face and they weren’t going anywhere anytime soon because of GD so he set about setting fire to those suckas! Luckily for me mat 5 cleansers struggle to hit def 14 zealots.  He set fire to something like 3 zealots, including a couple that were stood right in front of his own zealots which must have scared the utter crap out of them, the guardian was also set ablaze and Gaius (or maybe Cassian who knows?) was killed. The TFG hopped over the scouring pad bush and prodded a few more zealots to set them on fire and shield walled and mini feated for Arm21. His zealots found themselves pretty hemmed in and confused and didn’t really do anything. On the other flank my cleansers incinerate cloud forced Neal’s redeemer to move and lose the aiming bonus, the redeemer managed to scatter his shot onto Sevvy.. twice! setting him on fire and killing a choir boy. Sev is  only arm 14.. he doesn’t like being on fire! I cant really remember what the vanquisher did, he did shoot at Vilmon with the goal of setting him on fire but it turned out that impervious wall give you immunity to continuous effects so I let Neal take that back.. not sure what he did with it though. Finally Feora moved up behind the TFG to make sure that none of those painstakingly started fires went out.I think Anastasia might have appeared this turn but she wandered onto the board and was promptly forgotten about until the game was over anyway!

Round 3!?


My Turn: First things first. Fire damage. I only lost a couple of the zealots because their armour jumped to 18 after the first one died and Neal couldn’t roll 7s after having pretty good dice for most of the game. The big one was the fire on Sev, Neal rolled 10 dealing 8 points of damage, that was literally half of Sev’s health gone… crap. I knew I needed to get this game over as my infantry was starting to disintegrate and Sev wasn’t going to hang around for much longer. Fortunately, because Neal had moved Feora right up behind the TFG I spied a possibility and gave both ‘jacks 3 focus. I decided to do the simple things first because the assassination run took a little bit of thinking about. I saw that my cleansers had a really good opportunity to hose down Neal’s TFG and choir who where still doing the crazy conga. The first cleanser sprayed across at the TFG and got about 8 of them in the spray, I hit 7 but only killed 1 which meant that 6 more fires where on the table…. I really needed to end the game now! Another cleanser killed 2 of the choir causing them to take and fail a command check, score! The other two sprayed at the redeemer not doing much. Figuring it was now or never, Vilmon came screaming out of the forest at the redeemer but with a pretty limp damage roll only did 7 damage to it. With that done I had to figure out how this assassination run was going to pan out. The first thing I did was get any zealots standing between my ‘jacks and Feora out of the way, the monolith bearer took about 72 free strikes doing this.  Then the Guardian charged in on the TFG wall, slightly to the right, to try to clear some room for the templar. His Mat on the charge was something like 11 because mat 6 +2 for choir +1 for eye of menoth and +2 for powerful charge. Needless to say he slew the guy in the front row and then turned his attention to the officer on the back row stood right in front of Feora. He earned his place at this point by getting a critical pitch and throwing the guy at Feora, knocking them both down but in a bizarre twist of fate the officer survived with 1 hit

And Feora goes down. Menoth's will has been done.

point! The guardian’s last attack went on another guy on the front clearing more space for the templar, the guardian’s work was done! The templar charged the knocked down flameguard officer and biffed him with his shield to finish him off before setting to work on Feora herself. The first damage roll came up as a 4 or something worrying but the second was an 11 leaving her with the classic single point of health, 1 last pow 20 mace attack sealed the deal!

Game to me! And the Templar gets another caster on his list. It was a good job that I finished the game when I did because things where starting to look ugly for me and if Neal hadn’t put Feora so far forward it could have been another story, but thats what you get for wearing such a heretical colour.

If the game had gone on I think Neal would have struggled to deal with the two heavies running around and Sev could have hidden in the forest but it would have turned into a game of chasing Feora down and who knows how long Sev would have lasted.

I didn’t really get to test Vilmon out, all it proved to me was the hit and miss nature of the nuclear missile approach of playing him. Neal didn’t really get to see how the Vanquisher works either but the game did wet my appetite for a playing an eFeora double vanquisher list…. anyway, cheers for reading!

in a bit



4 Responses to “Pink is not a propper liturgical colour!”

  1. jasefox Says:

    72 FREE STRIKES?!? Did he survive?

  2. Neal B Says:

    MB did get splattered. Thats report tickled me, nice 1 for getting it written so quickly Pete. Usually takes me the best part of a month to do.

    The Vanquisher test run – I dont think I am as much a fan as Pete. He knows how to counter it better than I know how to use it, and I find that in order to take a heavy out, you need another heavy, or just a good tar-pit. I think that the trusty Castigator fulfills the role a little better, as it fits with Feora being up front, and escort wanting jacks to be on the move.

  3. Petezilla Says:

    I’m going to have to write a post about how horrible and sub-par the castigator is some time!

  4. Neal B Says:

    He kicks bum cheeks – but it really happens to be who you take with him, as ever.
    Feora, choir, vassal all tend to go with Castigator. Igntite, choir gives p+s 20 hits, before any focus is dished out. The speed 7 with escort, makes up for the lack of reach, and all the possible pwr attacks to take on other bbig jacksm, even the Behemoth doesnt like 2 handed attacks from him.

    Then on top he is immune to fire dmg, so you can spray fire all over him without worrying about the paint…

    Anyways I am starting to rant,and its well to late for that. Im off to bed:-)

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