Dirty Dozen – Blood and beer


Hi all thought i would update on the progress (as slow as it has been) and give some character update for who will be in the dozen.

The bad man himself

First up is the mighty beef-cake that is bloody Bradigan.

Bradigan is an ace model (who doesn’t like a mustache) and thankfully has actually gotten better for my uses in MKII.


I like the idea of a bradigan in the dozen he represents that thick-headed muscle that every groups needs king of getting in the thick of it and cracking heads, also from what i gather only 2 things motivate him which is beer and cracking heads which will always be in plentiful supply.


although Bradigans changed from his old incarnation, I actually like the changes, Beserk is always a fun ability and with such a small model count I don’t expect him to be that near any of my other models, but for example should a big target be near by(ie a jack) he has his nice gang ability which is no longer with just with sea dogs but with any faction models. so charging a big target he is p&s 11, with Aiyanna aswell that p&S 13 on 4 dice which isn’t too shabby.

Also stumbling drunk is great as it goes well with his tough ability to always make him a threat, and he also has crit KD him self for some other nice combos.


Unfortunately I don’t expect Bradigan to survive any games(even if i manage to win) as he is basically a shock trooper to be sent right into the middle and slap and tickle(ooh eeer) as many enemy as he can until he goes down, the fun thing with him is that although he has become easier to kill unless you kill him outright then he’s gonna laying down some pain next turn.



3 Responses to “Dirty Dozen – Blood and beer”

  1. jasefox Says:

    i see your list has changed since your last post…

  2. petezilla Says:

    May I ask when will the double D will be showing its face?
    I’m interested to see how it does!

  3. Procrastinator Says:

    well as jase guessed the list has changed a bit due to the new hordes update so its just the big things i need to buy now(jacks etc) so hopefully not to long

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