Miniature Addiction


My name is Peter B, and I am miniature addict.

There, I’ve admitted it. I have too many figures, too many factions and I just can’t stop!!!

So, who else is in the same boat? Since I started playing Warmachine way back in the Prime 1st ed days, I’ve had a hankering for more and more figures to add to my growing collection. Just the other day I found myself painting McThralls for my Cryx pirate themed army (pictures to come !) instead of finishing my Retribution.

Which has led me to think is it the right thing to do? Is is a good idea to own so much metal that 6ft of foam still isn’t enought to store them in? That you have to consider a selving system from Ikea just to hold them all?

“What is the point of this?” I hear you ask, well the point is this. Is it better to own one of everything for an army or just collect the army you can play?


This seems to be two polar opposites of collecting, painting and playing the game, and I am starting to think that I am falling foul of ‘Buy all sellected models!’ Part of this is due to my Magpie complex where I have to have the most shineist things that are out and the other is due to my miniature addiction (gotta to have them all!) so I am trying to change my ways. (remind me about this when the Hordes stuff comes out…)

The route that seems to be the better (and certainly cheaper) of the two is collect to an army list, play it, collect it, and paint it at a pace that suits you. Yeah it’s tempting to get your 100 point army in one go and build it, paint half of it then get bored and start a new one, but how about taking your time?

Get iBodger out, start a 50 point army and then plan out how you going to build it up. You know a proper little project plan. Set a budget for your monthly spends, and stick to it. Out of the 50 point army build a 15, 25, 35, and then 50 point list and paint to those specs.

Get together with your gaming group and suggest they do the same, have weekly deadlines and stick to it (and then verbally abuse the guy who doesn’t paint in time, yes Adam, this is aimed at you)….

Hell, even do the Tale of 4 Gamers on WordPress/Facebook/Twitter! The key is having a plan and sticking to it, and encouraging your fellow gamers to stick to it.

Right, I am off to paint some Temple Guard.


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One Response to “Miniature Addiction”

  1. jasefox Says:

    Previously I’ve always built an army round one caster, but with my Bution I’m tending to buy all models for the faction!

    I am becoming really bad at buying stuff and not painting it though, I’m hoping that with my move I can maybe fix this, we shall have to see.

    Also Pete, i think it makes you officially a faction whore.

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