35 pt Retribution Vs. Protectorate


OK so Monday night me and Petezilla squared off against each other. Both of us were using casters that we’re not massively big on.

Pete’s list:
Daughters of the Flame
Flameguard Cleansers
Full TFG with UA

My List:
Full Sentinels+ UA+ Soulless
Houseguard riflemen
Mage Hunter Assassin

I won the roll to set up first, i put all the Sentinels together in my favoured 3 man blocks, the Hydra over the left behind some trees, the phoenix right in the centre, the riflemen were put behind a wall, Vyros was hanging out between the two jacks, i AD’d the MHA on the left in front of the Hydra, and Narn on the right (with the hope of a flanking attack)

Pete Blocked up on the opposite side, the Avatar facing off against my Hydra, the castigator in the Centre and the Daughters AD’d on the same side as Narn.

Vyros Extreme!

The Handsome Petezilla

My first turn was, in my own opinion, the best first turn i’ve ever had. Basically, the Sentinels and the riflemen ran, Vyros had stuck 3 points of focus on the hydra and one on the phoenix (originally for the run) he cast mobility and walked up, the Phoenix then mosied on up, and let rip with his Halo Cannon. i targeted one of Pete’s daughters, which surprised him because they were behind a woods, but thanks to Vyros’ little hawk (which i henceforth dub Taylor) i ignored the forest. I ended up miles out of range, but the shot scattered 5″ in the direction of 1 and landed smack bang right next to the daughter i’d targeted. It hit three daughters and fried them all. Brilliant!


Pete’s first turn was pretty standard, he enlivened the castigator, walked it up. shield wall on TFG and walked them up, advanced the Cleansers into cover, which surprised me but in the end didn’t make much difference. He walked the avatar up and then used the Choir to do No shooty on jacks, this made me laugh as Pete has done this previously till i actually read the ability and realised it doesn’t work against magical ranged attacks, which all my jacks have… clearly Pete had forgotten this. He finished his turn by running one of the daughters into melee with Narn to slow him down.


My turn 3 started with me weighing up whether or not my new MHA (alt sculpt) could do enough damage to the Avatar to make her sacrifice worth while… I didn’t allocate any focus, i moved the Sentinels up slowly, advanced the Riflemen up and took a CRA at a daughter and bagged her. activated the Phoenix, which moved directly into the centre and shot the Castigator, mistake as it was immune to fire damage. Vyros activated next, put up mobility, then Arc’d a Stranglehold through the Phoenix onto the Castigator, it hit, i boosted for damage and it caused one damage, this meant next turn it had to sacrifice either it’s movement or it’s action, old school knockdown as Pete called it. Narn bagged a Daughter and sprinted into some woods, the Hydra took a shot at the Avatar and did some damage, then i charged the avatar with the MHA, she hit, we discounted the shield (chain weapon) so it was -10 on the dice…. i rolled 19. This resulted in the Avatar taking a massive 18 damage (9 doubled) and making me massively impressed with my new alt sculpt MHA.

Pete’s turn, Avatar rolled up 2 focus, the TFG advanced to be alongside the castigator shield walling ofc. The castigator moved up with Enliven, Feora put up a fire wall in front of the TFG, the cleansers advanced and put out an AOE killing nothing, couple sprayed and killed a couple of sentinels, the last remaining daughter ran and engaged 2 of the riflemen. The Avatar put his butter knife through my MHA’s scantily clad midrift.

My turn started with the Sentinels vengeancing (what?) and hitting the Castigator, which promptly got the fudge outta dodge and moved back through the fire wall. i moved some riflemen and CRA’d a cleanser, activated Vyros, put up mobility and Inviolable resolve on the Sentinels, then popped his feat and moved towards the woods, i did this because both my jacks were sat on 2 focus when i would have liked to have them on 3. I activated the sentinels, charged the TFG (being careful to avoid the firewall), Cleansers and a lone plucky choir. I then proceeded to roll some stupidly good dice and killed more TFG than i probably should have (set defense meant 8’s to hit) the 2 cleansers i charged and the choir boy, putting both the Hydra and the Phoenix on the 3 focus i needed. The hydra moved into combat with the Avatar, and totalled it with 2 punches (didn’t want to do this as i wanted to throw the sucka, but the second damage roll of double 6 sealed that) and the Phoenix charged the Castigator, but left it with 2 boxes, it’s right arm and a cortex. damn. Narn then ran round behind Feora, confident that nothing could get him.

2 Boxes!! Gah!!

Pete’s turn started off with Feora spraying the Castigator, which hit the Phoenix and did a bit of damage, she then put Ignite on the Castigator. The Choir did battle hymn (or as we call it, the +2’s hymn) on the Castigator, he then layed into the Phoenix completely totalling him. The cleansers sprayed the Sentinels but didn’t get past their armour 19, the lone Daughter killed 2 of the Riflemen, the TFG’s did a couple of CMA’s and killed a couple of the Sentinels.

the picture is blurry due to the heat haze from Feora's flamethrowers.

My turn started with me being fairly optimistic that i could get Feora, however when i measured my control range it turned out she was 1″ outside of it, putting her 1″ out of my threat zone, damn. I started by CRA’ing the Castigator hoping to do those last 2 points of damage, but failed to do any damage. The sentinels took some swings at the TFG, but despite being easier to hit this turn, the majority of my unit fluffed their attacks. brilliant. I moved the hydra round and took a shot at Feora, doing a bit of damage. Narn charged the vassal from behind, bagging him with ease, took his second attack on a choir boy, equally gutting him, and then sprinted into Feora’s backside.


Pete’s turn, the Castigator moved out to block the Hydra’s charge lane to Feora, Feora bagged Narn and put ignite on the TFG the Cleansers again did nothing and the solo Daughter bagged another one of the Riflemen, she was becoming a pain in the ass. The TFG hit some sentinels but didn’t do much. Oh, and the Choir charged some stuff.

coming down to the wire...

My turn, and my downfall. Vyros put up Mobility, and Charged a TFG (i was eager for blood to feed Taylor) but i missed, fricking dawnguard. The sentinels attacked but fluffed AGAIN, fricking dawnguard. The Hydra shot Feora again but only did 3 damage. damn.

fricking Dawnguard.

Pete’s turn started with him moving his TFG away from Vyros, taking some free strikes and mostly dying, fricking martyrs. Feora moved up, ignited the Castigator (2 BOXES!!) and torched a couple of sentinels clearing a free path to Vyros. The Castigator walked up and after a couple of intense dice rolls he laid the smackdown on the Dawnlord. game and match to Pete.

POW! right to the kissa!

Final thoughts… this was a lot better game with Vyros than i’ve ever had previously. I enjoyed playing him, and even popped his feat (though i still think it’s a crap feat). I enjoyed playing with Narn again aswell, which surprised me because he usually does jack for me.

This was also one of the few games i’ve played where my Jacks have outperformed my expectations. I’m not gonna pull any punches here, i don’t like the Retribution jacks, but they did pull their weight here, i just wish i had access to something like the choir!


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4 Responses to “35 pt Retribution Vs. Protectorate”

  1. Petezilla Says:

    Nice one Jase. I might have to facebook that pic of me, its a bit epic. Its like the glorious face of Menoth Himself shining down on his faithful!
    I’d like to put a second vote in for ‘best first turn ever’ and arm 19 sentinals are pretty horrible… at least they would be if they could hit anything!

  2. Owen Says:

    Great battle report – it gives a very good sense of what happened. That said, seeing the face of Menoth on the second photo is a bit freaky!


  3. Richard Says:

    Hey, Thanks for posting, but fyi, ranged attacks with a magical weapon (what all of our jacks have) don’t constitute as magic attacks. It’s still a ranged attack unless the attack is specifically listed as a spell.

    • jasefox Says:

      But the choir ability makes then immune to ‘non magical ranged attacks’ and seen as all our jacks have magical ranged attacks, we can laugh at the choir.

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