Here comes a new challenger…


Hey! This is Petezilla signing on as another “contributor” to the Thorn.

I’m a student in Chester and play at the RGMB most Tuesdays.

I got into Hordes about 3 years ago when Primal came out. It was during one of my ill fated attempts to get back into 40k and I was slightly irritated that my brother and a friend of mine had decided to try out this new game; Hordes. However, as soon as I saw them playing a fun game involving frequent important tactical decisions with only 4 models each on the table I was sold! I was the last out of 4 of us to buy a battle box and was left with the Legion of Everblight, I was down with that, dragons and elves are cool. This lead to much ribbing further down the road when I met the likes of Pete Buxton (apparently everybody has the moral high-ground over you when you play Legion). I have most models for Legion now, check it:

Unfortunately I’m not too proud of any of my painting pre-epic Thagrosh or Typhon so you wont be getting any close ups of this lot. I’m not a brilliant painter but I have definitely come a long way in the last 6 months, which brings me on to what I’ve been up to recently. Since MKII appeared I’ve been playing the priests-from-the-east, the-monks-with-funk (thats right, Amon and the allegiants  do breakdance) the Protectorate of Menoth! Its been great having a completely different play style from the Legion and I even managed to place 3rd in a 20 man tournament with them so I’m happy with my progress with them. I’ve had to go beyond drybrushing for painting these guys and learn more precise highlighting etc. Here are a few of my boi’s!

Group shot!

I’ve got a soft spot for the High Reclaimer. I love his fluff and ascetic even if he isn’t always the funnest guy to play. The plan is generally; move up behind the smoke and unleash great handfuls of weapon masters in your opponents face, when they die bring ’em back and do it all over again!

Speaking of weapon masters! Knights, are rightly notoriously hard work to paint. I’ve got a full unit of Errants ready to go when the UA and the errant seneschal come out… 13 knights… hmm.

The Reckoner was the first ‘jack that I really fell in love with. He’s ace! Tied for our longest threat range when charging with reach. A debuffing, long range, powerful gun and a debuffing aura make him useful as a beat-stick and an assassination tool. Casters are not fond of -2 def! He is also an integral part of  “Teh Smoky Joe”, probably the most incredible and b0rken list Warmachine has ever seen, I may share it someday but it might send the game spiraling into emergency play-testing for mkIII

I’ve currently got a bit of a crush on Sevvy too. I’m working on a 50pt list for him for the European Team Challenge, but more on that another time.

Well thats me! Sorry for the overly long into! I’ll be updating with painting in progress coupled with my thoughts on the model’s rules and performance (Vilmon is currently on the painting table), list ideas and critique and maybe the odd battle report if you’re lucky! When the Hordes cards are released the plan is to move back to my first blighted scaly love and see how well they’ve survived getting their wings clipped!

in a bit



2 Responses to “Here comes a new challenger…”

  1. jasefox Says:

    Yay! Loving the High Rec man.

    Oh and cheers for the game the other night!

  2. Petezilla Says:

    Cheers! Nicks fancy-pants camera really makes you second guess the quality of your paint-jobs.
    Next time you want a 4 hour game just give me a call!

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