The Dirty Dozen


(not just 12 people who don’t like soap)

the idea from this army stemmed from 2 places,

1: im not the biggest fan of the privateer press infantry models so my previous armies consisted mainly of jacks/beasts and solos

2: I love the idea that every model has its role and ability and who doesn’t love the a-team,dirty dozen and the like.

Initially I thought it was a bad idea as i would have very few models until it was pointed out that my circle armies sometimes consist of 6-7 models due to all the heavy beasts. also when you think about it the solos are the most flexible models in the game, they all have a shooting attack,melee attack and usually some special rules to make one or the other better than their stats suggest.

im under no illusion though I expect to have my behind package and sent special delivery many times.

so for the list I chose highborn as i think they best cover the ‘ we are mercenaries but we work for the poor innocent countries being picked on by others’

originally my caster was going to be gorten due to his solid ground being a good spell to protect squishy solos but also as he is a nice model.

even his name is amazing

But now it feels like christmas has come early when privateer released this picture.

I mean come on he looks awesome (check out the cigar) his mini back ground sounds like the intro for the P-team(see what i did there)

and just to top it off if whats been said about his feat is true then he will help the solos aswell.

Anyway the list.

Based on him having 6 jack points(about average)

it will be Macbain + Nomad

alten ashley

blyth •

eiryss, mage hunter of ios

harlan versh

lady Aiyana & Master Holt

Rutger Shaw +vanguard

Taryn di la rovissi

thor steinhammer + basher

victor pendrake.

and there you have it, 2 heavy+1 light jack and 12 of the meanest badasses to walk the iron kingdoms.

now the ideas is likely they will group up if not already a group i.e bull and aiyanna. rutger and taryn make a nice little solo unit. but really ive not thought that far ahead, im more looking at what models will be nice to paint and which i like the background for.

so i have bought some of them so far so will keep update on painting progress but can wait till june for Drake ‘big man’ Macbain.

im so calling him bigmac from now on 🙂


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3 Responses to “The Dirty Dozen”

  1. jasefox Says:

    I heard that the dragons came when Toruk broke his Athanc. And Toruk came when Drake clipped his toenails.

    • Procrastinator Says:

      I heard he was the only man to beat a kossite woodsmen in a arm wrestle but was paid an excessive amount of money and a naughty pic of feora 😀 to keep it quiet as they dont want there reputation ruined

  2. LazyPeon Says:

    That’s a really good idea!

    I’ve often thought about painting up some Merc solo’s and this type of force is a good excuse.

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