Greetings all


Ah i love it when a plan comes together.

right introductions. My name is Chris young i live in Wales and i like long walks of short piers. On a more serious note ive been gaming for nearly 14 years mainly GW, even worked for them for a short while. then this grumbley bloke convinced jase this warmachine lark is fun and im not one to give up on reading, and modelling and painting new stuff(hell i even have all the starship troopers books).

Over the time ive played with some trolls,cygnar and now im onto Circle. also and which will probably be the focus of many of my posts is my new warmachine army idea the dirty dozen….

Ill also be posting about something i started saying when i first started playing ‘ to boost or not to boost’ but you have to wait and see.

But for now im going to continue looking at these percentage charts oh the joy 🙂


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