A Quick Introduction…

Well Hello!
Looks like I have been roped into Jase’s latest conquest to take over the world, so I might as well introduce myself.
I am Doctor KoG (real name Peter B) and have been doing the gaming lark for nearly 20 years! Been in Warmachine game for about 6 years out and have been playing since Escalation came out, and joined the Press Gang (yar!) in 2006!
As far as factions go I collect:
Trollbloods (check out Project:PaintPink)
And I currently play Retribution!
I am painting my Retribution as fast as I can, 73 points painted so far (and 3 casters!) and trying to get some more games in with the buggers. So far I am liking the way that PP has put together the Retri. I like the fluff, some of the models and I really like how they play on the table. Until something newer and more shiny comes along they are my go to faction (I am guessing that the Cryx book will be that new shiny thing).
It appears that I will mostly be on here complaining (I do this a lot, be warned) but I would like to showcase some of my painting, share some techniques I have picked up, and generally use these posts to abuse Adam (the rest of this insult was stolen by Kossite Woodsmen).
So there you go. Oh, and here are a few pictures of my Retribution to whet your appetite:

4 Responses to “A Quick Introduction…”

  1. Malonius Says:

    I really like the paint job on these Pete! Btw – I’m going to wait for Hordes Primal MK2, and the Everlight book, before I decide exactly which faction I’m going to collect for. I’ll still by the Cryx book though!

    Jase – I’m so sorry I missed you go bud!! Little ‘un’s taken all my time for the past 4 months, I wasn’t expecting anyone to move away! 😦

    Everyone else – I keep saying I’m coming back soon – and I will, honest! I’ll need bringing up to date on everything though!

  2. Malonius Says:

    Mal is indeed alive and kicking! 🙂 Little ‘un was born December 11th, weight of 8.15 and is a little girl named Evie (not so little anymore, she’s 4 and a half months!)

    Mal is currently looking to re-paint and re-start his Legion after seeing their new Scythe-i-fex artwork. And he seems to have picked up a really annoying habit just within this post of refering to himself in 3rd person, or whatever it’s called. 😀

    So – you all good then? Shouldn’t I post this in a different blog about how everyone is doing or summat? 😛

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