Change in the house of RAHHHHHHNNNN!!!


Ok, over the next week or so you will be seeing some more Updates on Barbed Thorn, but not by me…

You see, i was inspired to do this blog after reading Lost Hemisphere. Gdaybloke does some great work over there, and i know a lot of people at our club (RGMB Chester) also read Lost Hemisphere. It was one of my fellow clubbers who text me the other day to say…

“Hey Dude long time no see, been waiting for an update to the barbed thorn, you should set that up like the lost hemisphere with peeps from the club able to update”

I thought this was a brilliant idea! so i put it to the rest of the club members on the forums (Here) and they loved the idea of it! So, off to work i went!

First things first, if it was going to be a general blog, i’d need a new title header. One of my fellow guildees came up with Barbed Thorn: A Warmachine Blog from the Guild (you see, RGMB stands for Royal Guild of Minted Boards, it’s a long story…), i liked it, so it stuck! I made up a new Header in photoshop (that way i can change it easily if need be) and uploaded it.

Now it’s just a case of waiting for the other guys to setup WordPress accounts, and me to allow them to update the blog. Hopefully, they should be posting an introduction thread for themselves any day now.

Ps. don’t blame me for any of their Bad grammar.


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One Response to “Change in the house of RAHHHHHHNNNN!!!”

  1. gdaybloke Says:

    Awesome stuff, I’ll be watching to see your blog grow in leaps and bounds! let me know if you need a hand setting up your authors et al. AIM is CEOBloke.

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