35 pt. Throwdown vs. Madhammer!


So tonight I threw down a 35 point game vs. Andy. I was using:

Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper +7 points
* Phoenix 10 points
10 Dawnguard Sentinels 9 points
* Sentinel Officer & Standard 2 points
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution 3 points
10 Houseguard Halberdiers 7 points
* Halberdier Officer & Standard 2 points
Mage Hunter Assassin 2 points
6 Mage Hunter Strike Force 5 points
* Mage Hunter Commander 2 points

Andy used:
Durgen Madhammer +6 points
* Ghordson Driller 6 points
* 3x Grundback Gunner 3 points each
Herne & Jonne 3 points
10 Horgenhold Forge Guard 8 points
Ogrun Bokur 3 points
Thor Steinhammer 2 points
* Ghordson Basher 7 points
* Grundback Blaster 3 points

The game went pretty straight forward, Andy made a few mistakes early on because he hadn’t played Searforge in a while.

Andy threw around some AOE’s like I expected, wasn’t much I could do to stop them, but in the end the game culminated when Andy hadn’t realized he’d left a massive gap for the Mage Hunter Assassin. She charged, she hit, -8 on the dice, I rolled 6,4,5,3. 18, minus the 8 left me with ten which doubled upto 20 and left Andy with one dead dwarf. I felt bad, but that’s what happens if you leave a gap open.

Here’s some pics I took mid game:


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2 Responses to “35 pt. Throwdown vs. Madhammer!”

  1. Petezilla Says:

    Go ‘bution go!
    Kaels seems to be becoming your go to caster nowadays.

    • jasefox Says:

      To be fair, I said to Adam today I’m gunna stick with Rahn and Kaelyssa for a time in 35 and 50 pt games, and just break out the other casters for fun games and a bit of a laugh.

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