50 point throwdown, Bution vs. Pommy’s


Ok so Last night i threw down a 50 point game vs. Petezilla using his Protectorate. i was rocking a Ravyn list that looked like this:

Ravyn, Chimera, Hydra, 10 Dawnguard Invictors+ UA, 10 Houseguard Riflemen +UA, 2x MHA, 10 Mage Hunter strike force +UA, Stormfall Archers

Pete was rocking:

Reznik, Dervish, Guardian, Reckoner, Hierophant, Avatard, Choir, 5 Bastions, Reclaimer, 10 TFG, Vassal, Wracks,

So we rolled off, i won and chose to deploy first. I put the Invictors and Riflemen pretty central, the Hydra In front of Ravyn next to the invictors, and the chimera hanging on the flank, the stormfall behind a hill (ready to run onto it) and The mage hunters flanking the left side with a MHA(l), and a MHA(r) on the right. Pete setup pretty central, all his jacks in front of him, and the TFG opposite the mage hunters. I suddenly realised i’d brought a lot of guns to a fight where the choir would be no shooty all game.

I went first, the riflemen and invictors ran, i put snipe on the riflemen, ran the stormfall onto the hill, pushed the mage hunters forward, ran the MHA(r) forward, and moved the Chimera round ready to arc onto the Mage hunters.

Pete’s return was… No shooty on jacks! surprised? he moved his army forward pretty agressively, vassal made the Reckoner shoot but it missed, the TFG opposed the Mage Hunters in shield wall, the Bastions advanced forward. At end of Pete’s turn the field looked like this:

No Shooty!

My Turn 2 The invictors stayed where they were, the riflemen and stormfall also held their ground, The chimera advanced so he was in arc range of the mage hunters. I Activated Ravyn and popped snipe on the mage hunters. i activated the Hydra and it took a shot at the Dervish, doing a bit of damage. the mage hunters activated, stood still and took shots at the TFG, i think i killed about 4 of them. The MHA(l) ran behind the TFG, and the MHA(r) charged the Bastions, did some damage that was spread around.

Pete’s Turn 2 started with him giving the Dervish a load of focus, he made the TFG turn around and attack the MHA(l) with CMA, she bit the dust, the rest just advanced towards the Mage hunters. The Guardian ran up and Reznik arced Perdition onto the Invictors, killing one and slingshotting the Dervish towards my lines. He then charged in with Iron Aggression on it, and proceeded to make a mess of my invictors, leaving 5 left alive, they failed their command check, but passed the reroll (Phew) He also had Enliven on the Dervish, so i had to think about what i was going to do with it…

My turn, The mage hunters finished all but 4 of the TFG, The riflemen retreated a bit and CRA’d into the Reckoner, doing a little bit of damage. the Invictors advanced around the Dervish, blocking it’s retreat path, but when they hit i don’t think they did much damage. Ravyn advanced, cast Vortex of Destruction (everyone gets boosted damage against models in her melee range) and she hit the dervish once or twice. i then advanced the Hydra and wasted the dervish.

Pete’s turn, the guardian charged the Hydra, trying to critical pitch the sonnubitch, but didn’t get it unfortunately, however he did a lot of damage. the Avatar charged in and wasted the Hydra (putting Ravyn in a uncomfortable position. The TFG ran into the Mage hunters, and the Bastions (who had finished off the MHA(r) last turn) advanced into the woods.

I started off by getting Ravyn the hell away, backing her off and putting a Veil of Mists up in front of her. I put the rest of the invictors into the Guardian and Avatar, doing minimal damage. the Stormfall shot at the bastions putting a couple on fire. The Mage hunters CMA’d the TFG, finishing all but 1 (grr)

Pete Laid waste to the Invictors,  and advanced the Avatar due to perdition again, and popped Menoth’s Gaze hoping to catch Ravyn in it, what Pete didn’t realise was that Veil of Mists was an upkeep. The bastions Advanced again and engaged some of the rilfmen, the solitary TFG missed the mage hunters.

Ravyn upkept Veil of mists, so she avoided Menoth’s Gayz. she advanced behind the riflemen, and popped another Veil. the riflemen mini feated and took some CRA’s into the Bastions, killing a couple, but not enough. The mage hunters finished off the TFG, shot down some choir and i think they killed the reclaimer (this may have been earlier). at the end of my turn, it looked like this:

It's all going wrong!

Pete then charged the Bastions into a rifleman, and a Stormfall, but missed. Trampled the Avatar to get to Ravyn, but left her on 1 wound! The Guardian advanced to engage a couple of mage hunters (who were behind it and off picture) Here’s a summary of what Pete did:

i Actually got this wrong, cause the Reckoner actually mosey'd upto the riflemen to engage them.

I knew this was it, last turn. All or nothing. Now in hindsight, i did this all wrong, and probably would’ve had a better chance if i’d done it another way, but i’ll explain that later.

Ravyn activated, popped Vortex of Destruction and laid into the Avatar. my hopes were if i could gimp him enough, i wouldn’t have to worry that much about next turn. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a cortex, and i didn’t manage to gimp him enough. The Riflmen CRA’d the remianing Bastions, opening up the Stormfall’s. The mage hunters took a coupla free strikes from the guardian, killing one. then they all opened up into Reznik.

They think it's all over...

It was 7’s to hit (backstrike, but elevation) with -7 to the Damage. i rolled alot of good damage rolls and took a lot of Health off the sucka, but not enough to kill him. My only hope lay with the Stormfalls. They aimed, so it was 7’s to hit, and then had to use Snipe as Brutal shot would have been out of range. Again -7 on the damage, and i left Reznik with 3 or 4 wounds. Bastard.

Avatar rolled up three focus and pasted Ravyn, it ended like this:

It is now!

It was a fun game, and here’s the hindsight that probably coulda saved me. If Ravyn had backed off slightly from the Avatar, and cast Snipe on the Stormfall’s, they would have been in range for their Brutal shot, and it would have been -7 on 3d6, which would’ve almost definitely finished off Reznik. Sometimes it’s not always best to beat on things…


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