Vapnartak: The Lowdown


Ok Y’all! Here’s how it goes! It’s far too early here, up at 5:30 after sleeping on PeteZ’s strangely comfy foam thingy (don’t ask). We’re due to set off when Sam gets here at roughly 6am. Had a couple of practice games the night before, managed to win against eThagrosh with Rahn list, getting lucky with a hard worked for caster kill, hope things go aswell today!

More updates when we’re on the way!

On our way, Pete’s navigating via iPhone, sam’s driving. Fingers crossed!

We’re here, things didn’t go well on the journey (went wrong way three times). Just got checked in, Andy’s here, Ian hasn’t arrived yet, correction he’s just arrived as I’m typing this.

Okay! Game 1 over, played Jamie Perkins (omg!). He took:
Full winter guard +ua
Kovnik joe
War dog
Full nyss hunters
Aiyana +holt
Harlan versh
I took kaelyssa, mission was caster kill so was hoping to backlash her as I knew she wouldn’t be far forward. Things ended up as a stalemate in the centre, shoulda popped my feat earlier (in the end it saved Kael as Sorscha couldn’t charge) but pretty much Jamie killed all but eEiryss, Kael And one solitary sentinel.
Ian lost with the fastest caster kill, pete drew, but won on points. Sam drew but lost on points. Andy won. More updates later.

Second game, played Alex Smith, he had:
Full winter guard +ua and rocketeer
Kovnik joe (again)
Aiyana and holt

Basically, to sum it up it was capture the hill, my idea was to let him get up then push him back down. However: Eiryss disrupted my caster, so I couldn’t cast, and I just couldn’t get her. And inhospitable ground stopped me getting on the hill.
Ian thought he had won, till I informed him that caster kill now ends the game, so he lost. Pete lost to Jamie, Sam won against mercs, Andy lost to a fellow Cygnar player.

Game 3, capture the flag, played a Merc player with a Gorten Gunbunny list, can’t remember what he had. Basically the highlights were the MHA charged a Bokur, hit but did no damage. He put Gorten behind a wall, so I arced Telekinesis on him, turned him around and moved him from behind the wall (I’d popped my feat) the Mages then pulled him into range of stormfalls, who brutal damaged him, then more mages pulled him into range of a sentinel charge and he got sliced in two!
Pete played Sam, it ended a draw but Sam won on VP’s, Andy lost on VP’s against Cryx (eSkarre) and Ian looks like a draw, not sure about VP’s yet…

Update: loss for Ian.

Game 4, caster kill (not great scenarios), played a Pommy, he had:
Fire of Salvation
Daughters of flame
Knights exemplar
Vassal (though he forgot to use this)

Went ok, both advanced, I popped feat when I was in charge range, kreoss returned by popping his, then I got a turn when Kael took a phantom hunter shot at him, then Mage hunters shot, end of turn kreoss had 5 damage left. He took his turn and fired a spell at Kaelyssa, hit, 2 damage, she moved and took a shot at him, hit, needed 10 to kill him, rolled 6! Oh well, she was hidden behind the sentinels and safe imo. But no, daughters charge her, only 3 get in, CMA 10 points of damage. Second CMA, hits and needed 6 to kill on 2 dice, got the 7. Caster dead.
Pete lost to Ashlynn, Ian lost to mercs (guy I played last round) Sam’s still playing and so is Andy.

So I finished on 3 losses (one was a draw technically) And one win, same for pete, Ian is on 4 losses and we’re holding our breaths with Andy or Sam highest…

Update: Andy won, Sam lost, both of them on 2 wins and 2 losses. Bated breath for the sweepstakes result!


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8 Responses to “Vapnartak: The Lowdown”

  1. Sam Says:

    What a day!!! had loads of fun and loads of good games!

  2. chris young Says:

    sounds like you all had a good time, i will need to come along to the next one.

    i know its not meant to be funny but you write it so well whne ian lost.

    sounds like you played some varied armies aswell.

  3. Petezilla Says:

    Hey. Did you hear Nick violently vomiting the night before?

  4. James B Says:

    Yes your movement shenanigans where the conversation point from Jim on the journey homeward.

    Though to be fair Gorten can use all the movement help possible ;).

    Are you aiming for Birmingham this year?

    • jasefox Says:

      I will hopefully be aiming for as many tourney’s as I can. Unfortunately, my job doesn’t allow me many weekends off.

      It was a fun game vs. Jim, I think I won cause he wasn’t aware of what I could actually do with Rahn. Does Jim realise that all of his opponents were from our club?

  5. James B Says:

    No, but I’ll pass it on to him though.

  6. Jim Says:


    I did realise that all the players were from your club – maybe next time I’ll just head over your way for a game night as save myself the more public humiliation od being mullered at a tourney!

    That said – compliments to your club – all my opponents were great sports and I don’t mind getting slotted by a good opponent! – although I was a bit sulky that in one turn you managed to move gorton further that I did for the rest of the entire day!

    Hopefully I’ll see you at Birmingham and you can do the same thing to me – just in another city!

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