Retribution vs. Circle 35pt throwdown!


So, this evening i went up against a long time friend of mine, and generally good ol’ chap, Mr. Chris Young.

Chris brought with him some Circle, and after 30 minutes of hastily jotting down his rules from my iPhone (i stupidly forgot to print them out) we got underway.

I was using:

Kaelyssa, Phoenix, Griffon, 10 Mage hunters+UA, 10 Sentinels+UA, 2x Mage hunter assassins and Narn.

Chris had:

Baldur (Woldur), Megalith, Woldwarden, Warpwolf,  Woldwyrd, Black Clad and Whitemane.

Game started pretty well with me winning the roll and choosing to be first.

I put the sentinels at the front, with the griffon on the left and the Phoenix on the right, Kael just stood behind the Phoenix. Chris put his three heavies at the front, the Blackclad on my left and Whitemane on my right. I AD’d the Mage hunters on my right, with an assassin, and the other assassin and Narn on my left.

First turn, i ran the Phoenix over to the Mage hunters, ran the MHA(r) forward behind some trees, ran both the MHA(l) and Narn forward, Narn taking up a position behind some sentinels. Kael activated and cast Banishing ward on the Mage hunters, this was mainly cause i knew Chris would be throwing lots of Earth spikes their way.

Chris went and advanced cautiously, not really doing anything but putting Stone Skin on the Wolf, and casting the No knock down/blast damage spell.

My turn, i upkept BW,  Ran the sentinels forward, the MHA(l) ran forward again (coming at Baldur from the left hand side, hoping to pick off the black clad). Then i noticed something sneaky i could do…

Now most people who play me probably don’t realise that when i play, i always try for an even trade off of points. if i’m going to sacrifice something, i want them to do the damage first, or at least allow me to wipe out their equal points in a beneficial way. With this in mind,  i suddenly saw an opening for the MHA(r) to take down the Whitemane. A fair trade off in my opinion, so i went for it.

I ran the Phoenix forward, then activated Kaelyssa, knowing i wouldn’t have another chance to use it, i popped her feat (wow!) and then arced Phantom hunter through the Phoenix onto the MHA(r). i then activated the MHA(r), and was about to declare a charge (through the woods) onto the Whitemane when i suddenly got a very greedy thought in my mind… why just go for Whitemane, when i could get Baldur! So i did! i declared the charge on Baldur, moved the MHA(r) through the woods, stood next to the Wolf and got my 4″ reach on Baldur! Awesome! Having butchered eVlad with a MHA not 2 weeks ago, i was feeling good (despite the fact he had a point of fury to transfer) i only needed a 7 to hit, then 4 dice damage -7! i rolled, and got a 4. lame. we rolled the damage dice to see what i would have done, it came up with 7 damage, which doubled to 14. It would have been nice, but on hindsight i think i shoulda just killed the Whitmane.

The rest of my turn was pretty uneventful, took some shots at the Wyrd with the mage hunters, did some damage that was pretty much it.

Chris’ turn 2 started with him turning the wolf around and pounding on the MHA(r). Sad face. the Whitemane then charged through the woods to hit the Mage hunters, he killed one and took a swing at another, but just missed. The warden advanced and threw around some Earth spikes, but with the combination of my Stealth and bad scatters, nothing died. the Wyrd shot an unlucky Mage hunter that was in range, poor guy took it in the face. The Black clad attempted to spray the MHA(l), but unfortunately missed (phew! magic ability 8! wtf!) and Megalith wandered forward and threw out some earth spikes, again with no luck. Baldur finished his turn by popping his feat and throwing a wood up in front of the Sentinels.

My turn 3 started with me letting go of Banishing ward. I put 3 focus on the Phoenix (major error, epic fail) and kept the rest on Kael. i started by charging the Black clad with the MHA(l), she missed unfortunately. i then attempted to charge the Wolf with the Phoenix. Knowing it was half move, i thought i was still in range for the reach on his flaming sword (that’s not me being angry by the way, he does actually have a flaming sword) but alas, i was miles away (well, about an inch and a half)! Four of the Mage hunters moved around the Whitemane, blocking his melee so the rest could move away, i then CMA’d with those four, killing the Whitemane, and the rest shot at the Wyrd, i then used Kael to shoot the Wyrd, stripping it of fury and using it to finish it off, thinking about it, i’m sure i did this first as it opened the charge lane for the Phoenix. My Sentinels usually wander round in groups of three, and i was pretty confident that one of the groups was in range for the charge (despite the diffy ground) so i declared a charge, only two got in, and did minimal damage to Megalith.

Chris started his turn three by moving in Megalith and pounding on the three Sentinels. he then threw some Earth Spikes around and killed a few more (and i frigging forgot vengeance next turn aswell!) The Wolf and Warden both pounded on the Phoenix, finishing it off, and with his remaining Fury the Warden threw some earth spikes at the Mage hunters, killing a couple of them. The Black Clad threw a spray at the MHA(l) again, and missed again! Chris then moved Baldur into the woods and ended his turn with one fury on him.

Start of my turn, i could see an assassination attempt. I kept all the fury on Kaelyssa. I moved her forward, cast Phantom hunter on herself, and took some shots at Baldur. First shot, boost to hit, hit, steal fury and use it to damage, minor damage. second shot, miss, sad face. Third shot, i had a spare focus so boost to hit, hit, boost damage, again minor damage. I then sacrificed the movement from my remaining 6 Mage hunters and took the aiming bonus at Baldur. Now i don’t remember what happened, some missed, some hit, negligible damage. Baldur must have had only 4 or 5 damage left, but i had nothing else that could hit him. Narn charged the Wolf, minor damage, and the Sentinels charged Megalith, making a mess but not quite killing him. I was going into Chris’ turn 4 in a very precarious position indeed.

Chris’ turn 4 was pretty straight forward, his Wolf frenzied and had a Narn pancake, the Warden turned round and walked upto Kaelyssa and proceeded to headbutt her. ouch. He hit, knocked her down and then wailed on her with his fists, game over, caster kill to Chris. Sad Face.

On hindsight, i should have committed Narn much earlier, and kept my Griffon closer to Kael. I also should have taken that charge on the Whitemane instead of Baldur. However i did learn that a Phantom Seeking mage hunter is a deadly guided missile!

Oh! Oh! I Popped my feat! in four games with Kaelyssa, this is the first time!


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3 Responses to “Retribution vs. Circle 35pt throwdown!”

  1. chris you Says:

    heh it was a close game if i had a weaker caster you would have done more and likely killed me. baldur is quite tough, im not sure im getting the best out of him yet though as i feel if i had taken any other caster i would have got better spells to geomancy and actually done more.

    krueger in that list would have been more deadly.(but more squishy)

  2. jasefox Says:

    On hindsight I should have had Arcane reckoning on the Mage hunters, this gives them whiplash meaning that if a magic attack misses them the caster becomes the target. This would have meant none of those earth spikes would have hit them.

  3. Andy Says:

    Earth spikes is a decent spell, but it’s a hybrid one since it combines a decent single target hit, with blast damage you can boost to hurt infantry and most importantly can be used to fish for critical knockdown. Generally it has to be going for two of those at a time though since it doesn’t do any one really awesomely.

    Baldur as he now is lost his last spell that helped living warbeasts (earth’s blessing) but gained for it Solid ground, which makes him better with infantry since no blast damage is huge when your troops have arm 11/12/13 more often than not! It’s especially good when you consider the feat can give them all cover, making them def 17/18/19 vs ranged and magic alongside it. Solid ground also means you can hit things that are really close to your models with Earth spikes whilst trying for a critical, without worrying about knocking down or hurting your own guys!

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